Just Say Forever

-Destiel Fan Fiction- Castiel had vanished from the Winchester's lives yet again for a month, he had come back with something new, something different. Different feelings for a Winchester and for himself.


6. Chapter Six

-Cas' POV-

It's been a few months and to be honest...

I was tired of meaningless one night stands...

All I wanted was Dean.

But I'm a little busy right now...

I push a thin blonde girl on a motel bed as she squeals.

"Castiel!" She chimes as she grabs my tie pulling me into a kiss.

"Jennifer." I whisper against her lips with a smirk.

"Jasmine..." She corrects me pulling back slightly.

"Th-That's what I meant... Jasmine."

Okay so I've been hooking up with girls, no feelings attached.

I kiss her deeply and she moans in agreement as I work to pull of her shirt.

"Jessica you're just beautiful."

"Um okay." She grabs my wrists prying my hands off of her, "This is why I don't do hookups."

She stands up leaving the room but I grab her wrapping my arms around her waist and moving my hips against hers.

"I didn't mean to do what I did," I whisper kissing her neck, "Maybe I can make it up?"

She laughs shaking her head pushing me off.

"Castiel.. Stop." She rolls her eyes grabbing her purse and fixing her shirt.

I sigh, "Call me?" She asks leaning against the doorway biting her lip.

"Don't count on it." I shut the door laying down.

I roll my eyes sighing before walking back outside and slamming the motel door behind me.

I walk down the road looking down at my phone to check recent calls, I don't have any which confuses me deeply causing me to look down, yet again, to check.

I sigh seeing that I really have no calls.

I furrow my eyebrows as I run into someone dropping my phone and cracking the screen.

I blame the alcohol.

The man I run into groans and I cover my mouth.

"I'm so sorry." I say cautiously.

I wasn't in the good part of town, I didn't know how running into someone could play out but I'm praying to my father this won't end negatively.

I look up and look at the features of this man I have never seen before.

He had shaggy brown curly hair and sharp brown eyes. He has pink lips and a little bit of chub to his cheeks but not enough to take away from how cute he was.

Needless to say this man was hot. I soon notice he is holding a soda bottle and the soda is running down his, now stained, white shirt.

I curse quietly.

"I'm really really sorry." I mumble.

"No it's um... It's fine." His smile was light and friendly.

"My name is Castiel." I hold out my hand for a handshake.

He accepts the handshake, "My name is Chase." I smile at him, "Hey I'm new in town could you help me unpack some things?" He kindly asks, I can't help but accept.

He takes to to his house and we unpack.

"So Castiel what do you do for a living?"

"I work at a corner market." He mumbles pulling out some other things out of boxes, "What about you?"

"I'm in law school, I currently work at a laundry mat." He laughs and I do too softly.

Soon we unpack almost all the boxes.

"Thanks for your help Cas it means a lot." I nod looking at Chase smiling.

He hands me a beer, oh more alcohol.

I drink it with ease.

Before I know it Chase is also drunk.

"I had a boyfriend… Well… Sort of. He was kind of embarrassed about me..." I mumble.

"That's insane! Castiel, y-you are the nicest and the... The hottest man I have ever met."

"Oh stop it." I say sing song.

"No really," he moves in closer until his lips are hovering over mine, "You're the sexiest."

Soon I break the space between our lips kissing him softly causing him to pull me close.

He desperately pulls off my shirt and kisses my neck drunkly.

My heart raced as a small moan fell from my lips. I had only felt this way when Dean would do this... But Chase will do.

About 2 hours later he falls next to me panting.

I cuddle close to him panting also.

He softly kisses my lips and I kiss him back with ease.

And for that moment... I had completely forgotten about Dean.

~Dean's POV~

I hadn't missed Cas like I do now.

I call him, three times... No answer.

I pray... No answer.

I sigh and pace back in fourth in my room angrily.

This is such bullshit. It's not my fault he left. I would just like some secrets to stay secrets. Is that so bad?

Of course it is... To Cas it's awful. I sigh curling in my bed looking at a picture of Cas and I.

I miss him...

I miss him a lot.

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