Just Say Forever

-Destiel Fan Fiction- Castiel had vanished from the Winchester's lives yet again for a month, he had come back with something new, something different. Different feelings for a Winchester and for himself.


1. Chapter One

~Dean's POV~

I hear the clock tick above me.

Each second that passes feels like a century.

I impatiently tap my foot as I wait.

"Cas..." I whisper.

Soon the angel I've been praying for appears in front of me.

I didn't expect him to come, he hasn't been answering my prayers for a month.

I'm happy to see him but I hide back the grin that's trying to sneak it's way onto my face.

"Yes?" Cas asks.

It was nice to hear his voice. It made that smile almost impossible to hide but I remained tucking it away.

"Cas, where the hell have you been?" I ask.

"I-I um," he attempts to stutter out an answer but only to sigh and whisper, "I'm sorry."

Sammy walks into the room and drops the plate of pie got for me.

"Now, see, that's a waste of perfectly good p-" I stop talking when I see Sammy running over to Cas and hugging him.

"Sam are you okay?" Cas asks.

"Ye-Yeah, it's just good to see you..."

Sam thought Cas died, and I had started to believe it too.

True, Cas has gone longer without answering prayers, but this time was different.

I couldn't explain, but, something didn't settle well in my stomach when he was gone.

I shake off those thoughts that have filled my mind for the past month, and bring myself to crack a smile.

Cas half grins at me.

Sam takes a sigh of relief, and simply says, "I'll clean up the pie."

He walks into the kitchen, and I pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. To see if not only Sam dropped my pie on the floor ruining it, but to see if Cas was really here in front of me.

"Ouch!" I whisper.

That hurt a lot more than I thought it would.

Cas turns his head and looks at me.

"Are you okay?" He asks.

I ignore the pain and nod.

"I'm fine." I mumble.

"You seem stressed." Cas mumbles.

"Well I am a bit." I say.

"Why is that?" He asks.

"Dammit Cas why do you think? You disappear for a month, and suddenly you're here and you won't tell me why you were gone, or even where you were." I snap at him, "Sammy and I thought you were dead."

"Why would you come to such conclusions?" Cas asks.

"I don't even know." I stand up and storm into the bathroom.

I was mad I won't lie. Everything I said was true.

I splash cold water onto my face and wipe it with an already damp rag.

The only other times I've been this upset was when Sammy did something causing him to be hurt.

I walk back into the room to see Cas still standing in the same exact spot.

"Hello Dean." He says.

I roll my eyes and sit down on my bed and pull up Sam's laptop.

Cas walks over and looks at the screen.

"What are you doing?" He asks.

"Research, I don't know if the time you were gone you forgot but Sam and I are hunters." I say annoyed.

Why was I so upset? I'm starting to feel upset for being so rude to Cas but this anger is filling me about him leaving and us thinking he was dead only for him to come back completely okay.

"I remember." He mumbles.

I turn my head and look at Cas, his and my eyes lock.

His eyes are so-

"Do we have any towels?" I hear Sammy ask and instantly the eye contact snaps like a pencil.

"U-Uh in my car..." I mumble.

He nods and walks outside.

I instantly look back at my computer screen and not once for the rest of the night did I make eye contact with Cas again.

*Cas' POV*

Dean avoided looking at me and I don't understand why.

I know he's mad at me for leaving... But honestly I was only away because I needed to think.

I know Dean he wouldn't believe me if I told him that...

He would come up with a crazy assumption making things way worse than they actually are.

This would be less stressful for him...

"What are you hunting?" I ask Sam.

"I think we've just got a werewolf but lately since you left Dean thinks cases are these unknown monsters we haven't hunted yet." Sam says.

I nod.

"Heart taken?" I ask.

"Of course." Sam replies.


I look at Dean staring at his laptop.

"Dean what do you think it is?" I ask.

"The..." He taps some keys, "Easter Bunny..." Dean mumbles.

Sam and I look at each other, Sam clears his throat.

"Do you really think it's the Easter-"

"Of course it is Sammy I know a damn Easter Bunny case when I have one!"

He walks outside and slams the door.

"Last week it was The Boogie Man when it was just a vampire." Sam mumbles rolling his eyes.

He walks outside following Dean and I lay down onto Dean's bed and wait for them to come back...

And hell did it feel like forever.

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