Just Say Forever

-Destiel Fan Fiction- Castiel had vanished from the Winchester's lives yet again for a month, he had come back with something new, something different. Different feelings for a Winchester and for himself.


3. Chapter 3

~Dean's POV~

'I'm not gay'

That was my first thought when I woke up and saw Castiel walking around shirtless.

"Morning Cas." I mumble sitting up then rubbing my eyes.

"Good morning Dean." He says putting on a shirt.

We avoided eye contact remembering the kiss.

Sammy was out with some girl, I was proud of the guy to get a hookup but slightly upset he wasn't here to cut through the thick tension that was making the air basically impossible to breathe.

'I'm not gay'

I think when I hear Cas stepping into the shower.

I look around nervously tapping my foot not knowing what to do.

I grab a pan and start nervously cooking some eggs.

I hear the shower stop as I'm cracking an egg.

"Dean," I hear Cas call from the bathroom, "I uh, forgot a towel."

I roll my eyes as I put the cracked egg into the pan.

I grab one, "Cas you better not be naked."

"But I am naked."

"Are you in the shower is a better question?" I ask.


"Is the curtain shut?"


I nervously move my hand to the handle and I open the door.

I feel his wet hand grab mine when I step in and a shiver runs down my spine only for him to grab the towel.

'I'm really not gay'

"You can get out now." Cas says.

I nod.

"R-Right." I step out of the bathroom and finish up the eggs.

I see him walk out of the bathroom with only jeans on, his hair wet and messing, still some water on his skin-

'Okay maybe I'm a little gay'

*Narrator's POV*

He sees Dean cooking and smiles slightly.

"What are you cooking?" He asks.

"Eggs what the hell does it look like I'm cooking?" Dean asks handing Cas a plate.

"I-I'm an angel I don't eat." He says shoving the plate back in Dean's hands.

"Right, forgot. Sorry." He takes the eggs and eats some.

The angel watches Dean eat the eggs carefully.

"What are you staring at?" Dean asks giving Castiel a weird look.

Castiel clears his throat, "N-Nothing..."

The only thing that was going through both of their minds was that kiss.

Dean was thinking of how nice Cas' chapped lips felt on his, even though of course he'd never say it aloud.

Cas was thinking how good it felt to have Dean's hot lips on his and how good his taste was and how he eagerly wanted another taste, and unlike Dean, Cas would be willing to admit that he'd certainly, "I think we should do that again." Castiel says.

Dean gives him a confused look, "Do what again?"

"That thing we did in the bathroom."

"You want to kiss again?" Dean asks.

"Yes I guess you could put it like that."

Dean rolls his eyes.

"I am straight." Dean mumbles standing up before cleaning up.

He walks the sink and places the dishes in it, when he turns around Cas is standing right in front of him.

Dean's hands grip on the counter.

Thoughts rush through his mind but one was there most.

'Kiss him'

And he listened.

-Cas' POV-

I didn't understand what exactly had happened.

The whole thing was a daze to be honest.

One moment he kissed me, and what a deep passionate kiss.

Then one thing led to another long story short I'm laying next to him naked in a motel bed...

Get the big picture?

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