When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


45. Toilet

"5...4...3...2..1!" I heard the fans scream. I just stood there front row next to Bradley. I looked at Eleanor and Danielle. I knew they felt the way i do right now. Awkward.

"Hello, London!" Harry yelled as they all walked on stage. Fans screamed loudly going crazy.

"We have missed you all!" Luke said.

I didn't dare look up. I was too scared.

The boys started singing what makes you beautiful.

"Look up" Bradley said nudging me.

"I'm scared" i looked into his eyes.

"Dont be. Come on look up for me please?" He smiled a cheesy smile. I smiled back at him and looked up.

The boys were all dancing around and looking like they were having fun.

"Okay. So now we're going to sing dont stop!" Luke smiled. He was right in front of me now. I looked back down.

"Bradley i cant do it" i grabbed his arm tightly.

"You want to go and get some air?" He looked down at me. I nodded.

He took me out and headed towards the toilets.

Lukes pov-

I tried looking Lea but i coudn't see. I carried on singing what makes your beautiful with the boys.

And thats when i saw her. She was walking out of the stadium with Bradley from the Vamps. Why? Maybe they're going out? No that would be all over the news.

Leas pov -

We walked back in together. Arm in arm and laughing. We found and seats and thats when i started enjoying myself more. Me and Bradley dancing Badly and singing really loud.

Half way through and there was a break. I quickly headed to the toilets with El and Dani.

"Which way do we go?" I laughed as we seemed to have parted from the crowds of girls what were going to the toilet.

"This way?" El said holding a door handle to a room.

"Go" Dani laughed "I'm desperate" she giggled as we walked in.

We looked around.

"Can we help you?" 7 boys eyes turned and faced us.

We just stood there awkwardly.

"So we thought this was the toilet. We kind of got lost" Dani said through gritted teeth.

"Oh really?" Niall said walking over to us and hugging us.

"Hey Niall" i said as he squeezed me into a tight hug.

"Long time no see" he laughed and we broke away.

"Yeah. So whats up?" I looked at him. He hasn't really changed much. He looks more muscly and he looks a little older. But still the same old Niall.

"Nothing much. What about you?"

"I'm the photographer of The Vamps now i guess" i blushed.

"Oh really? So you enjoy it?" Harry asked me. He was purposely asked me awkward questions.

"Yeah i really enjoy it. And the boys are lovely company" i smiled. 2 can play this game Harry Styles.

"Really?" He smirked .

"Oh yeah. They're so funny and great to chat to"

There was an awkward silence. Liam and Dani hardly spoke. Dani just looked down at the floor. And Eleanor didn't look at Louis. She just messed around with her hair.

"Anyway we better get going" i said breaking the silence.

"Well pop by after the show I'd love to catch up" Harry said handing us backstage passes.

"We cant because the boys are dropping us off" i said staring strait at Harry.

"Well why don't they come along as well?" He handed me more passes.

"Right. Thanks" and turned away.

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