When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


5. Shopping

I woke up early today. Another free day to do whatever i wanted. I loved hanging out with Harry yesterday. So today should be good as i'm hanging out with them all.

I got dressed and put my make up on. I brushed my hair and headed downstairs.

"Good morning" Louis said as i entered the lift.

"You look better" i laughed.

"I feel it. Sorry about yesterday. Not he best way to introduce myself" he chuckled.

"Its fine" i laughed as we exited the lift.

"Good morning you two" Paul said eyeing Louis.

"Sorry Paul. We acted like dicks yesterday" Louis looked sheepish.

"Good morning Harry" i said walking over to where he was eating breakfast with Lou.

"Morning Lou" i said smiling at her.

"Good morning Leigh-Anne. Here sit here. I'm about to leave" she smiled and stood up.

I sat down and thanked her.

"So what you doing today?" I asked Harry who was munching on some toast.

"Hanging out with the boys and you"

"Yay! I hoped you'd say that!" He laughed.

"I heard the boys mentioning that they're going shopping" i said.

"Oh okay. I guess a little shopping would be fun!" Harry said getting up and heading over to the boys direction. Me following.

"Shopping is it?" Harry asked.

"Yeah" Niall said. They were all stood in a little circle. Me included.

"Yay a whole day in boys shops just what i've always wanted to do" i laughed as the boys looked at me.

"Aha we'll go in some of your 'girl' shops as well" Zayn said. We all laughed.

"Paul we're going out shopping" Harry said. He waved goodbye and headed out.

"So you excited to actually get started in your photography career?" Niall asked .

"Yeah i cant wait. I'm literally so happy that i get to take pictures of one direction and i'm being paid" i laughed. "My 2 favourite things in one job!". Niall laughed.

"Shes just so excited to take pictures of my wonderful face" Harry chipped in.

"Erm..more like mine Styles" Zayn joined in.

"Er mine" Liam said.

"No mine!" Louis exclaimed. We all laughed.

"Whos your favourite band member?" Liam asked.

"Before i met you i was a Styles girl. But now i've met you its all of you. Maybe Harrys a little higher than you guys but" i smirked and so did Harry.

"Oooo" Louis said. Him and Niall exchanging glances and laughing.

"Hilarious" Harry mocked.

After walking around for a while and all of us with bags in our hands we headed to a small cafe.

"Yum! I'm starving" Niall said picking up the small menu.

"You're always hungry" Liam said snatching the menu off Niall.

Once the food arrived we all tucked in.

" i cant wait to hear the new album and everything" i said.

"You're taking the front cover pics" Harry said eyeing me. "You'd better be good"

"Of course shes good styles. She got he job. And i might of stalked your old instagram account" Niall said with his cheeky irish voice.

"Your photography will be all over the world. T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, hats...the lot" Liam said.

"Woah" i laughed " i cant wait".

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