When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


46. sad idk

After the show we headed to backstage to find the boys waiting. I felt mad. I dont even really know why. I just didn't feel like talking to them. How could they spend 5 years not trying to contact me? Didn't they care? I guess not.

"Hi" Bradley said going over to the boys, Tristan, George and Connor following heading inside the dressing room. Leaving me, Dani and El feeling pretty awkward.

"You can come in you know?" Harry said as we walked in. He closed the door behind us.

"Luke that was your....oh hi guys. Are we having a little boyband gathering here?" Jessica smiled but then saw us three girls. "Or are we having some sort of meeting with your ex girlfriends?" She looked at Luke.

"No. We're just here to say hi" El said. I knew she was trying to stick up for me.

Jessica then walked over to Luke and sat down on his knee. She was all over him. Ugh. I cant handle this.

"I'm sorry but I'm going to have to go i just remembered something i have to do" i said quietly getting to my feet and walking out of the room. Trying to hold back the many tears that were fighting to come out.

As soon as i got out of them room tears were streaming down my face. I leaned against the wall and broke down. I cried and cried until i heard the door open and close again.

"Lea?" Luke looked shocked to see me this messed up. I was sitting on the floor with make up smudged and my hair was all over my face. He bent down next to me. "Whats wrong?" He looked at me.

"Everything. Okay i understand. I left the job because i wasn't allowed to talk to you. I get that. But then i had no call, no text, no tweets, nothing. You weren't allowed to talk to me when i had that job. But you can talk to me now because i don't have the job. None of you even tried to contact me. You were all just too busy with your fame career and your stupid girlfriends" tears were still streaming down my face.

"Lea? You really think that? I tried okay. I tried almost everyday for a whole year. But i couldn't. I tried and tried. But clearly you'd got a new phone number, a new twitter. I even went to your house some nights. I tried. We all did. Even Paul alright he was worried when we told him he real reason you quit. We were all worried because we hadn't heard from you in years" i looked at him socked about how much he just told me.

I couldn't speak i just rested me head on Luke's shoulder and cried.

"I'm sorry" i whispered after i eventually stopped crying.

"Why are you saying sorry? You didn't do anything" Luke laughed a little and wiped my tears off my face.

After sitting for about 5 minutes more we walked into the room casually. As if nothing had happened.

"Are you okay?" Bradley said walking over to me. "Yeah I'm okay now i guess" i smiled weakly.

"We wanted to go out and talk to you but Michael, Callum and Ashton told us let you two talk" he looked at me worried.

"Bradley I'm fine honestly" i hugged him tight and sat down next to El.

"Where's Dani?" I asked her

"She's gone for a talk with Liam. I dont know what about" i nodded.

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