When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


32. Roof

Lukes pov.

Lea looked beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at her all night. I tried not to but it was hard.

Once we arrived back in the hotel me and Jessica walked back up to our room. It was weird sharing a bed with a girl I'd only met today.

Jessica changed into her bra and knickers. And me in pj bottoms and nothing else. I didn't wrap my arms around her like i did with Lea. We just lay there not talking.

Before i knew it she was sleeping.

I lay awake for ages. Not getting Lea out of my mind.

I got up out of bed and headed over to the door. I snook out and went over to the roof.

I saw a body. On the roof.

"Hello?" I asked before the body turned around. It was Lea.

"Oh hi Luke" i couldn't see her face but i could tell she wasn't smiling her normal happy smile.

I sat down and she sat down next to me.

"Did you enjoy today?" A whispered into the night.

"Too be honest. Not really" i sighed.

"Why?" She leaned closer and linked her arm around mine.

"I got told today about something i dont want to do. Its hard for all of us" I rested my head on hers.

"Luke?" She looked up at me.


"A couple of days ago. I got told something as well. Something i dont want to do. Something i find really hard"

"Really?" I saw her eyes sparkle as she looked at me.


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