When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


11. Plane

Me and Harry sat in the 2 seater seats on the aeroplane. Chatting non-stop about life, tours and just stuff.

But after a while be both became sleepy and we feel asleep on each other. The aeroplanes where comfy and nice considering we're on first class. The last time i've been abroad was to China. And that was ages ago.

A tear pricked to my eyes as i thought of that.

"leigh - Anne?" Harry slowly woke up. But looking at me worried.

"I'm fine. Its just that the last time in was in first class was with my parents.

"Aw sorry" He said wiping my tears away.

"Its fine" i sighed and started to get the blanket out.

"Here" Harry said helping me. Putting the blanket over us both. We snuggled in and before i new it we were both asleep.

"Leigh_Anne? Harry?" Liam was tugging on us.

"What?" Harry said moodily from being woken up.

"We're here. Come on. We're in South Africa!" Liam's face was plastered with a huge grin.

"Lets go!" Harry shouted sitting up and looking at me. I smiled at him. He smiled back.

"Right then. Well i'll leave you to it" Liam looked awkwardly at us both. Before he walked off.

"Lets get ready to go" He picked up all his things and helped me up.

"Cheers" i grinned before we headed out of the aeroplane.

"Finally! We want to meet the fans!" Louis said jumping up and down.

We walked out to find millions of South African fans. Wow. Its weird that people on the other side of the world support them.

"Quickly boys we need to get to the hotel" Paul shouted.

I took some pictures of the boys and fans before we went over towards the bus.

Everyone sat down on the bus and then we burst into chats.

"Someone play with me" Niall yelled. He was sat infront of the Tv wanting someone to play Fifa with him. I got up and walked over to him.

"I'll play but i'm warning you. I'm crap at video games" i laughed and sat down next to him.

"Winner!" Niall shouted jumping up and down.

"Oh shut up" i giggled. And he sat back now getting his phone out.

"Selfie" Niall laughed opening his camera.

@niall_horan - guess who won fifa ? @leigh_anne

"Oh hilarious" i giggled. Giving him a sarcastic smile.

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