When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


17. Home - England

"YAY WE'RE HOME!" I screamed running around the airport before i felt a muscly pair of arms pick me up.

"Luke! Get off me! I'm wearing a skirt people will see my pants!" I tried wiggling out. But it failed.

"No!" He laughed lifting me to his shoulders. I was now sitting on his shoulders.

We walked outside all the fans were going mad.

"Luke are you and Leigh-Anne going out?"

"Luke you and Lea are perfect together!"

"I love You both!"

Was all i heard from the fans as we headed to the car.

Luke lifted me down and pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back and carried on walking smiling at the boys fans.

Louder screams were heard from the fans as they saw one direction.

I ran over to Niall who was still slightly tired as he only just woke up.

"Ireland here i come!" He whispered to me. I smiled.

"Ay up Hazza" i smiled walking over to him.

"Hey. Back in England"

"I know I'm so happy!" I smiled and ran back over to Luke who was taking pictures.

"Want me to take the pic?" I asked to the fan.

"No. We want you in the picture as well!" She smiled at me and handed her phone over to Paul.

"Cheese!" Luke said as the photo was being taken.

"Thank you so much! I love you both. You're really cute together" the fan smiled at us both. I blushed and carried on walking.

I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures of the boys meeting with fans.

"Smile guys!" I pointed my camera at the boys with a cute picture a fan drew for them.

"That was manic" Callum said getting into the Taxi.

"I know it was crazy!" I laughed budging up so Callum could get in.

"I need sleep" Michael said leaning on the window. A whole loads of girls saw Michael doing this and ran over to the window.

"Oh gosh. Cameras everywhere" Michael said looking up. Every girl had her phone pressed against the window. Screaming as loud as they could.

Finally we got to the hotel.

"I'm going to bed forever. Wake me up when you're going for food though" Michael said as he picked up his room key.

"Wait what number are you?" I asked

"302. You're 306 i think" he said pointing towards a list of the room numbers we were and our room keys.

"Can someone carry Mr Ladybird?" I asked struggling to hold me fluffy toy ladybird that was almost half the size of Callum.

"I'll get it" Callum laughed as he grabbed the toy while carrying his own stuff.

"Be careful with him" i sighed as i headed over to the lift.

I have to admit the rooms in this hotel were okay but they weren't the best . luckily i wont be spending much time in my room as I'll have the boys to hang around with.

"Like open up its meeee" i knocked on Luke door.

"Coming one sec" he shouted from inside his room.

He opened the door to him just wearing pants.

"Oh right. If you're in the middle of something I'll come back later" i giggled.

"No its okay. I just got out the shower" he laughed. I walked in with my hand over my eyes and headed towards the sofa.

@niallhoran - lovely to be back in England. Tomorrow I'm off to see my family finally!

Awe cute.

"Okay I'm dressed" Luke said coming out if the bathroom fully clothed.

"Ahah good! Let's go get food!" We walked out together me dancing around. I was happy okay?

We knocked on Callum's door and him and Ashton came out.

Then we walked to Michael's. He was probably still asleep. We knocked on the door loudly so he wouldn't not here it.

A tired looking Michael came out but he was dressed and awake.

"Food!" I exclaimed loudly. The boys all laughed at me and then we walked to the lift.

"So where we eating?" I asked as we got into the lift.

"Pizza Express!" Callum grinned.

We walked down the street altogether. I felt safe with the boys.

"Luke piggie back!" I begged him clinging onto his arm.

"Fine" he stopped and i jumped onto his back.

"Too cute " Michael said smiling up at me

"Who? Me of Lea?" Luke said pulling a cute face.

"I meant both of you. Together" he laughed.

I was confused. But i just ignored them.

"Hello and what would you like to order?" A flirty looking waitress came over.

Ugh. Okay so the boys aren't even mine but i hate it when I'm trying to have a nice day out with them, and then suddenly a whole load of girls come and flirt. It drives me mad.

"Jealous much?" Ashton asked winking at me.

"No. Why would i be?" I looked over to see her practically sitting on Lukes lap.

Ashton chuckled but didn't say anything after that. Luckily.

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