When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


19. Food

I woke up to find Lukes arms around me.

I felt Luke move.

"Lea? What are you doing on the floor?" He looked puzzled as he sat up. Rubbing his eyes.

"You were laying on the floor. So i thought I'd join you" i smiled and sat up as well.

"You shouldn't have. Even though its nice waking up to you"

I stood up and headed towards the bathroom.

After coming out i check instagram / twitter.

"Luke Hemmings get here now!"


"The picture of me asleep?" I held up the picture that Luke tweeted yesterday.

"You're cute" he smiled a cheeky grin.

"Yeah right" i laughed. But before i could carry on Luke was tickling me on the bed.

We were all down in the hotel breakfast room eating and chatting.

"Hey Lou" i smiled at Lou who was holding Lux in her arms. "Lux is getting bigger and bigger everyday" i smiled at Lux.

"Yeah i know its crazy. Lux baby go and see Harry" she pointed at Harry and ran over. "So how are you?" She smiled eating her toast.

"Good. I'm loving my job!" I laughed

"Well from what i can see. The boys love you!l" Lou smiled eyeing me.

"I love them. As friends though" i winked at Lou. We both were in fits of laugher.

"No joke. They are mad about you"

After talking to Lou i headed over to the boys.

"Good morning!" I said cheerily.

"Morning" Ashton smiled. Half way through eating toast.

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