When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


13. Dreams

"Yay! Hotel!" Niall said flopping onto the reception sofa.

"Okay guys here are your keys meet down here from breakfast" Paul handed us our keys before we all dashed off to get to bed.

"Night Leigh-Anne" Harry smiled at me before closing he bedroom door.

I feel asleep quickly only to be woken up around 1:00am.

I heard noises and shouting from next door and along the corridor.

I grabbed my dressing gown and my room key before opening the door. People were in Harrys room.

I wandered out to see what everyone was doing.

I walked in to see Harry in his bed along with a puddle of sweat and him shouting and screaming. Paul was beside him along with Niall. Trying to calm him with a wet towel.

"Whats going on?" I asked puzzled. They all turned to face me.

"Sorry did we wake up?" Paul looked concerned. Close the door and come in. I nodded and did what he said.

"Harry. He sometimes has dreams. We don't know what about but he screams and shouts and sweats like hell" Niall said. "The last time he had one was when his x girlfriend died" He whispered.

Paul got up then and so did Niall we'll leave you to him for a while. If we dont here from you we'll guess you've sorted him out. They closed the door when they exited .

I soaked the towel with more cold water and placed it on Harrys forehead. I took the blankets off him and took his top off. His curls were dripping with sweat.

"Harry?" I asked when he started to move.

"What Happened?" He looked puzzled.

"You had a dream" i didn't really know how to answer the question.

"Oh. I used to get them alot.. The last time i had one was when"

"Your ex girlfriend died?" I finished his sentence.

"Yeah" he sighed heavily. Putting his head in his hands.

I put my hand in his hands and put placed my head upon his shoulder.

It was about half an hour since Harry spoke at least.

"Stay with me night?" He said. Taking the wet towel off his forehead. I hesitated. He looked down on me. His green eyes.


He pulled the blankets over us both and grabbed my waist.

"Night Harry" i giggled. His arm around me and me cuddling up in his chest.

It felt right. In a way.

It became 3am and i knew Harry was still awake.

"You still awake?" I whispered into the night.

He sighed heavily before answering "yeah"

"You want to talk?"


"Can i ask you something?"

I felt him nod. "How did your girlfriend die?" I whispered looking up to him.

"She had a drug overdoes. I dumped her when i started touring. She started taking drugs and all my life i've felt like its my fault she died. Because i dumped her" i felt a tear drop onto my face.

" its not your fault" i looked up at him.

"I know but.." He sat up. I pulled myself up as well.

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