When Leigh-Anne finds herself getting the job as One Directions Official Photographer she can hardly wait to get started. But does she find work easy or is she getting distracted by the boys?


3. Beach

We all found ourselves in a small room. All the one direction crew together. I was sat between Niall and Harry, loudly chatting about getting to record a new album.

"Okay guys listen up!" Paul shouted clapping his hands. "You guys have been working hard so far , so you have 3 days break. Then we're back to working no stop for this new album to be out".

Everyone looked relived and happy. I guess they've been working hard.

As soon as Paul stopped taking everyone started talking.

"Want to do something with me today?" Harry asked nudging me.

"Sure" i nudged him back harder.

"Well then better tell Paul and then we can head off!"

"So. One Directions official photographer ay?" Harry asked as soon as we'd left the building.

"I'm so happy its unbelievable" i smiled. Its so unreal that i'm taking pictures of one direction or a living and getting paid.

"You'll have to get use to me and the boys" he laughed unlocking the car.

"Nice car" i say as i get in. I can sense he's smiling.

"So where we going?" I ask. It was warm today. It should be nice.

"You'll have to wait and see" he smirked.

"Harry Styles tell me one thing. You're not going to take me to some scary place and try to rape me?" I asked .

He laughed. "Course not. Unless you want me to" he winked at me. I punched him the knee softly and smiled to myself. Life should be good.

"Leigh-Anne?" I woke up to find Harry gently pushing me to wake up.

"Sorry" i laughed removing my sunglasses from my face. "So where are we?" I got out the car and looked at my surroundings. "The beach!" I giggled jumping up and down like a kid.

"You like beaches?"

"Yeah. But i didnt bring a swimming costume"

"Dont worry" Harry said. "So what you want to do?"

"Lets look around" i said. It was beautiful. Traditional, warm, sunny english weather.

"Selfie" Harry said taking out his phone.

"Cheese" i laughed as he held his phone up.

@harry_styles - me and @leigh_anne at the beach.

"Why whenever i post a picture of me and a girl everyone thinks i'm dating her" Harry laughed. I took Harry's phone from him to see what he was talking about.

@oneeditection - ooh are you going out?

@iloveoned - ew shes ugly. She's not even Pretty

@harrystyles_is_perf - why are you dating someone?

I sighed.

"That comes with the job i guess" i looked at Harry. He nodded.

"Unfortunately. You'll just have to get used to it. Generally they dont mean what they say" he smiled pinching his phone back from me.

"Okay so lets walk around the cliffs" i said. He nodded as we headed towards the beautiful cliffs.

Once we found a quiet beach we started to unpack and sat down.

"So tell me more about yourself" Harry asked.

"My names jasmine. I don't know my real parents are as they ran away when i was born. I have been trying but i cant afford to travel and search for them. I've contacted so many places. They last time i remember being with them was on a plane. " wow i bet Harry didn't want my life story.

"Woah. And Leigh-Anne?" His amazing green eyes looked down at me. " i think you're beautiful and i dont understand how you could leave a beautiful person " he gave me a cheeky smile then. "Lets go to the arcades?"


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