Save Me

Chloe Shell hasn't had the best of life. Since, her mother dying in a car accident when she was younger, and then her fiancé running away on their wedding day. Chloe has just about given up on love. But, that's when she meets him. Niall Horan. He's the new boy in school, and is willing to die for her. Then there's Harry Styles, a boy who is seeking to destroy her. But, as love blossoms and hate turns to love. Who will save her?
© Copyright Sabitha.K, All rights reserved (All my work, including any of my chapters, prologues, epilogues, covers, aren't too be copied, broadcasted, stolen by anyone, other than myself) This is my story, so no copying or anything. Sabitha.K is the author of this novel.


2. Chapter One

Niall. The one word to describe him. Perfection. I notice his long eyelashes bat away gently, as he blinks. His eyes that are a beautiful blue look at his notebook, as he scribbles away ideas. I watch him tousle his blonde hair, that hangs off his face in utter perfection. His eyes dart towards me, and I blush. He caught me red handed.

"Were you looking at me?" Niall asked me, his purple pen in his hand.

"Yes. I mean no." I stutter in confusion.

"Are you sure? because you don't seem very sure." Niall tells me.

"I mean yes I was looking at you. But, I was only looking at you casually." I lie to Niall.

"Oh. I've seen you before, you always argue with that boy, the one with curly hair." Niall says.

"Harry you mean. Yes, I find him very irritating, and he's set to annoy me." I mumble quietly.

"Why is that?" Niall asks me curiously.

"His sister went out with my older brother, and he broke her heart, and she tried to commit suicide. Harry is convinced that it's my fault" I tell Niall.

"It's not your fault. I mean you didn't tell your brother to break his sisters' heart, and you didn't know his sister will try to commit suicide." Niall tells me, placing his delicate and soft hands on top of mine.

My heart pounds rapidly. This is Niall Horan. The same boy I have been staring at for the past year. My crush since primary school. I would always want to talk to him. But, fear has always gripped me tight. But, today I had talked to him, and he had talked to me back. He had noticed me. Noticed me arguing with Harry, but still noticed me. I had always thought I would be invisible to him, but that was not the case at all. 

"Thanks. But, if only Harry thought that." I tell Niall.

"Don't worry. One day, sooner or later he will realize his mistake." Niall replies to me, smiling warmly like a thousand suns.

I notice his notebook, and see the words "A thousand stars couldn't keep me away from you." quoted on his notebook. I wonder what that means? Niall sees me watching, and shyly bites his lovely pink lips. Lips, which I wonder how would it feel to kiss?

"It's just a quote, somebody told me."Niall says, looking away, a ghostly expression on his face.

I see that it's something he doesn't want to talk about, and decide not to ask him any more about it. Not wanting to seem annoying or rude.

I watch our teacher Mr.Ball walk in, his head bald, with a hunk of hair in his ears. His eyes like an egg, glancing at us with not interest. He walks towards his chair, and begins snoring on the table. That was our teacher every day routine, sleeping and being lazy.

Suddenly, the door slams open, and in he come. The devil itself. In he strides like he owns the place. Harry Styles. His hard strong figure looks around, his hair in elegant brown curls, dripping with rain. It was raining outside like cats and dogs, and probably Harry took his time to walk in the rain to make sure his hair looks beautiful in rain. I bet it took him hours to get his hair in curls. I imagine him curling his hair every day, taking his time, and a smile forms on my face. Harry's bold green eyes take in his surrounding, and freezes when he sees me. 

"You!" he exclaims at me, walking towards me.

"Oh! look what the cat dragged in." I tell Niall, pointing at Harry.

"You should leave him alone, so he doesn't get annoyed." Niall whispered to me.

"He's always annoyed." I answer to Niall.

"You Neil or whatever, go away!" Harry commands, taking a step towards Niall.

"It's Niall, and no." Niall replies back.

"I don't care whatever your name is, I want to talk to Chloe. Alone." Harry says, emphasizing on the word alone.

Niall looks at me. I nod my head.

"Ok! But, don't think I am going away because of you Harry. If you want me to come just call me Chloe." Niall tells me, walking away.

He said my name. My crush said that he would be there for me, well he said that, but not in that way. I smile knowing Niall has got my back.

"When I am done with you, that smile on your face would be wiped." Harry cackles like a wicked witch.

"Whatever Harry. I don't want to speak to you." I answer back.

"I am not here to talk kindly to you. I don't even like talking to someone like you." Harry says.

"Someone like me. What does that mean?" I question.

"It's just a figure of speech. It's not me that want to talk to you, but my sister. I am sure you still know her, after all wasn't it your brother who broke her heart, and destroyed her.  I don't know why, but she wants to talk to you." Harry told me confidently.

"Your sister." I stuttered in panic, the hair on my neck stood up, fear gripped me in place.

I have had more than enough talking to Harry, and I hated him. I knew his sister, hated me so much, all because of my brother, and I had to talk to her.

Harry's sister.

Oh no!

Save me.


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