Double Life


2. Chapter Two

(Zayn’s POV)

I try to limit my staring as I walk just a step behind her on the way to the town just up the road from the academic buildings.  I keep picturing her wearing those tight black jeans that hugged her tight ass and that tight black shirt and her lacy bra.  The damn mom jeans on her now area leaving too much to the imagination and aren’t giving any of the males on this campus anything to go off of.

She opens the door to Subway and walks inside, the door nearly closing on my face.  Much to my surprise she orders a foot long with nearly every single vegetable they have to offer on the sub. 

She starts eating the sub, not paying any mind to me or anything else going on around her.

“So you’re a bartender,” I say because I literally have no idea what I can say to this mystery of a girl.  She looks up at me, the sub still in her mouth, and ignores my question. 

“I’ll be right back,” I excuse myself after I get through half of my sandwich.   Y/N pays no mind as I stand up and walk out of the small shop and to the curb where I light up a cigarette.

I pull the smoke into my lungs and let it sit there as I run my hand over my hair.  This girl is driving me insane as I sit there in awkward silence trying to get past the yard of glass on the way to her front door.  Never have I ever been presented with such a challenge in a woman.  She walked into class like one of those girls that just wanted to disappear into the crowd, and then she is the star of the show when the sun falls.  I cannot wrap my head around (Your Full Name) or her confusing and contradictory personality.

I head back into the shop and look around confused for a few moments.  My sandwich is still sitting at the table but the seat across from me is empty, no sign of ever having anyone there.  I grab the rest of my sub and run back out the shop, looking up and down the strip for any view of her.

“Fuck,” I mumble to myself, grabbing another smoke as I start to make my way back to the house.


(Your POV)

I see him walk out of Subway and look around, impervious to my vanishing act.  He lights up another cigarette and begins walking away, scuffing his boots on the cement sidewalk.

He has to get in my way, ask a million questions to get to know the quiet girl in class.  It boggles my mind and I want nothing to do with him or his impending lung cancer.  As I make my way back towards campus and the library.

I walk through the doors to the library and set up my laptop on an empty desk in the back.  Lost behind books is where I am most happy, no one trying to get to know me or take me out to lunch.

“You look familiar,” the one with the too long curly hair from the other night takes a seat next to me and I cannot believe my luck.  I am not the kind of girl that attracts the attention of the opposite sex.  I purposefully wear loose fitted clothing and baseball caps to keep attention off of me.

How is it that I was able to stay under the radar in a small town?  For the last two years I have been bartending for friends parents, and even being hit on by some of the dads, and yet no one ever caught onto my nighttime gig.

“Why are you talking to me?” I ask, trying to give him a hint by keeping my attention on my laptop screen.  His arm goes over the back of my chair as he crosses one ankle over his knee and I try to contain the string of curse words that want to come out of my mouth.

“So you are,” he smiles, “I think I prefer you in black.”  I look at the boy with the audacity to hit on me in a library.  I don’t even know his name.  His unruly hair is pushed away from his forehead by a large cloth headband; a dog tag chain dangles from his neck and clashes with the black t-shirt he seems to not take off.

I roll my eyes and attempt to give him yet another hint to get lost, focusing again on my laptop screen and the calculus homework I have no interest in.  More interesting than the conversation this boy is trying to suck me into.  Damn Zayn; he had to talk to me; he had to show up at the bar I work at; he had to have friends.

“Why are you sitting back here?” He asks again, looking over my shoulder.  “What are you working on?”

“Homework,” I say shortly.  There are two options here.  Either he leaves, or I leave.

“I’m pretty good at Calculus, do you want help?”

“No thank you,” I say in a singsong voice.  His hand leaves the back of my chair and he chuckles slightly.  A good person would want to know this boys name, his green eyes–I’m sure–makes every girls knees weak.

“Alright, sorry to bother you beautiful,” he stands up, thank god, and begins to walk away.  I relax as he disappears from my peripheral vision.  I turn my head slightly to make sure he has in fact left and instantly regret the decision.

“I forgot something,” he says as he leans down and his face gets too close to me before I have time to back away, and his lips touch mine.  He looks at me with a cocky smile and then places a piece of paper over the keys on my laptop.

“Make sure you tell Zayn about that,” he says before winking and walking away, shoving his hands in the pockets of his tight black jeans.

I sit staring after him for a few moments, well after I can no longer see his tall lean figure walking between the bookshelves.

“What the hell is going on at this school,” I growl as I pack my things back up, deciding I will be studying in my confined quite of my dorm room from now on.  I don’t need any more opportunities to run into these boys.


(Zayn’s POV)

“You will never guess who I just kissed,” Harry walks in and falls into the couch, his huge long legs reaching too far into the living room.  Niall’s friend is over and they are both screaming at the Xbox every so often, overly competitive about Call of Duty

“No really,” Harry says when no one takes his bait.  “Guess.”  His proud smile is one that I know well so I know this should be good.

“Who,” Niall’s friend Michael asks, looking over his shoulder at Harry for half a second.   “FUCK!” he screams when Niall takes no prisoner killing Michael in not even a second.

“That hot bartender from the other night,” my phone drops out of my hand and I regret it because Harry gives me the knowing smile.  Y/N has gotten under my skin in the worst way, a small thorn in my side that goes deeper with every interaction I have with her.

She is a puzzle, someone that surprises me at every turn, and I want to know her story.  I want to know why she is bartending, why she is so quiet when it is now obvious that she is nothing like the girl she presents herself as.

“I knew you would enjoy that,” Harry chuckles, taking a long chug from the water bottle in her hand.  “If it makes you feel better, I took her by surprise.  She’s a quiet one.”

“Okay?” I say.  I cannot give him satisfaction of beating me to Y/N, I can’t give him any hint to my interest in her because it will turn into an all out war.  Just for fun.  It’s what us guys do.

“The hot one?” Niall says, not taking his eyes off of the television screen.

“The hot one,” Harry nods, glancing over at me again.  I roll my eyes and he chuckles.  “Don’t pretend you’re not into her.  She’s a mystery you have to figure out, you’re into her.”

“I’m not interested in this game again, Styles,” I say, remembering the last time we went at each other over some girl.  For us it’s a game, for her it’s a reputation.

“No games,” Harry puts his hands up.  “I’m just going to help.” I raise an eyebrow at him; that is not the attitude of the Harry Styles we all know and love.  “Don’t look at me like that.  I’m being serious, I have a few ideas.”


(Your POV)

I have never had so many ‘friends’ in my life.  Staying under the radar has never been an issue for me, not until the bad boy decided he wanted to get to know the quiet girl. Because of him I now have people saying hi to me as I walk across campus.  It seems that his friends are everywhere during the day, talking to everyone I come into contact and introducing me to everyone they know.  I can’t escape them.

Harry caught up with me the other night while I was working, asking me over and over again why I hadn’t texted him until I had to give in so that he would get lost.  Now he texts me randomly every day, sending me a stupid quote or picture he thinks is hilarious.  Their blonde friend, Niall, has made it his personal mission to introduce me to everyone on campus and now someone knows me wherever I go.

Staying under the radar has always been my thing.  My focus is on myself, getting good grades, working hard, and waiting for the next step in my life.  Getting away from my past and looking forward, working hard now so I can enjoy things later.  I don’t have time for the mindless fun my peers want to indulge in.

“Y/N,” Niall pulls me to a group of people sitting on the green in the middle of campus.  “This is Louis.  He is a nerd like you so you might, actually like him.  Louis this is Y/N, she likes no one.”

“So you are a challenge?” the boy Louis asks, clapping his hands together.  His navy stripped shirt and red suspenders are leaving me with a hundred questions.  “It’s great to meet you, ignore Niall’s remarks. What year are you?”

“First year,” I answer as he grabs me by the arm and pulls me to sit on the bench next to him.

“New meat for these boys then,” Louis laughs, looking over his shoulder and wiggling his fingers over at Niall.  Niall winks at me and turns back to the conversation he is having with another guy.  “I heard Zayn Malik has his eyes on you?”

“No one has their eyes on me,” I roll my eyes, trying to come up with some exit strategy.  I just want to get through university in the next few years; I am not here to make friends.  I am not here to get my MRS degree.  I just want to take my classes and get on with my life.  Another means to an end.

“Oh he does.  Niall introduced us so that I could get dirt on you,” Louis waves his hand.

“Isn’t there some kind of guy code that keeps you from unveiling that information?” I laugh.  Why can’t they all be like Louis? No hidden agenda.

“Honey,” Louis laughs, putting his hand on my thigh.  “I abide by a completely different code.”


(Zayn’s POV)

“You did what?” I ask, my blood suddenly boiling.  Leave it to my nosy friends to get involved in every aspect of my life.  Y/N wanted nothing to do with me and I knew how I would change that, I didn’t need Niall and Louis getting their hands dirty.

“Calm down,” Louis said, waving his hand dramatically as we walk towards the bar.  “She’s working tonight and agreed to hang out with me after her shift since she worked the first shift of the night.”  

“And does she know that you are dragging all of us to this get together?”

“No.” I roll my eyes as Niall hands me another cigarette.  Louis begins coughing dramatically as the smoke billows around the three of us. Niall and I stand outside a minute or two while we finish and Louis goes inside.

“You ready?” Niall asks, stepping on his dead cigarette.  I stomp mine out and nod, it should be an interesting night.

The bar is loud tonight, and filled with too many college kids for my liking.  When I was a freshman, we couldn’t even walk within twenty feet of this bar, now it seems that the bouncers have lightened up on checking for ids.

I can see Louis sitting at a rounded booth, talking animatedly with someone across from him.  I see Harry leaning over the booth behind him, watching the conversation Louis is having with a huge smile.  He looks over and waves us over when he see’s us.  As I get closer I can see Y/N, sitting with her legs crossed and looking comfortable and confident in her tight black clothes.

“Hey guys,” Louis says, scooting over to allow Niall to sit next to him.  The only other option for me is to take the seat next to Y/N.  She rolls her eyes and scoots over just enough for me to sit but completely ignores me as she pressed Louis to go on.

“So then Harry and Zayn get in huge trouble with this girl’s sorority.  There are girls throwing shit at the house and putting up signs warning the entire female population to stay away from these two,” I glare at Louis as he tells Y/N this story.  “At least they got a new wave of freshman the next year and everyone forgot about the incident, except for me of course.”

Y/N is laughing, her smile lighting up her entire face, and I forgive Louis for telling her the story.  If I could get her to smile, even for a moment, I would be happy.

“Sluts,” she is looking at Harry, smiling and chuckling, her chest bobbing up and down slightly.  I want her to look at me, desperately, and I want to smack myself.  Louis stares at me, his eyes wide, and I know he wants me to try and add something to the conversation.

I have never felt so unsure of myself.  I’m fucking Zayn Malik, resident bad boy, and she’s just another girl.

“I resent that statement,” Harry says, putting a hand over his heart.  Y/N actually laughs some more at him, shaking her head as if she cannot believe him.

“I’m gonna go grab a drink, does anybody want anything?” I look at Y/N pointedly but she is still talking to Harry, laughing as he argues that he was a different man two years ago.

“Just get a pitcher,” Niall offers and I nod. 

Damn Harry Styles.  I thought she would hate him after the stunt he pulled earlier this week but his little kiss seems to have had the opposite affect.  And Louis, for some reason she is keen on him. On my way to the bar I decide to step outside for another smoke.

I am so stressed out about this.  What the hell is wrong with me?  At least my palms aren’t sweaty…that would be another whole story.  Why can’t I just go in there and use my charms on her like the rest of them.  I don’t understand what the fuck is going on!

I throw my cigarette to the pavement and run my hands through my hair, shaking out the fucking nervous energy that I have allowed to take over me.  Y/N Thomas doesn’t know what is about to hit her.


(Your POV)

Ignoring Zayn is probably the most fun I have had all week.  These boys aren’t about to leave me alone, so why not have some fun with them?  Harry has made his intentions with me clear, kissing me just to get under Zayn’s skin, so why not aid his cause?

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Louis asks when Niall and Harry head for the bar when Zayn doesn’t come back after a few minutes.

“Enjoying what?” I ask innocently.  I have to say, I do enjoy spending time with Louis.  He is blunt and too the point, a trait I find honorable and too scarce for my liking.

“Getting under Zayn’s skin?” Louis eyes me with a knowing smile and I have to laugh.

“He makes it to easy, am I right?” I ask, putting both of my hands on the table in front of me.  I should not be here right now; I should have gotten back to my dorm when my shift ended.  It’s not everyday I finish up by ten o’clock, and I could be getting enough sleep or even getting ahead on my schoolwork.

But now that I am sitting here, I just cannot get myself to leave.  Something about this group of boys intrigues me.  All of them are so different and surprisingly enough, they are all seemingly good guys.

“What happened to the pitcher?” Louis asks, leaning back and placing his arm over the back of the booth.  I look over for half a second to see Zayn sitting down next to me again.  I look back at Louis, content on continuing to drive Zayn mad, and cross my arms over my chest again.

“Shit, totally forgot,” Zayn mutters next to me.  He is definitely closer to me than before.

“Something on your mind?” I ask, eyeing him up and down, looking at him out of the corner of my eye.

“Yes, actually,” Zayn says.  He stands from the booth and walks away, drawing me attention more than I would like to admit. 

He passes Niall and Harry on his way through the crowd and they exchange a few words before Harry and Niall shrug and continue towards us with two drinks each.

“Here you go, love,” Harry says, placing a drink in front of me and taking the seat Zayn was previously occupying.  “It looks like your tricks are no longer working.”  We all look over to where Zayn is now leaning on the bar and talking to a girl in a bandeau top and high waisted jeans.

The slight annoyance I feel at seeing his attention on another girl is purely because I was having a good time messing with him.  There is nothing else to it.

“Damn,” I laugh. “I was having a good time.”

Louis and Niall exchange a look that does not go unnoticed but I ignore it.  I guess I can head home now that my little game is over.  I stay and finish up the drink Harry was kind enough to buy me.  My gaze drifts to Zayn and his new friend every so often and once or twice I catch him looking at me as well.

“I’m going to head out,” I announce, hoping that no one will put up an argument about me leaving before midnight.

“I’ll walk you home,” Harry offers, stepping out of the booth to let me out.

“I can handle it,” I say, placing my hand on his arm.  “Thank you though!”  I start walking out, my black sneakers scuffing the tile beneath my feet, and am greeted with the cool night air.  Outside is quite compared to the noisy bar and I put on my hoodie before I cross the street towards campus.

“So you were just trying to mess with me?” I turn around quickly when I hear his voice behind me.  The cigarette is between his perfect lips and I resist the urge to take it from him once again.

The memory of my mother lying, eyes closed, in a hospital bed are too fresh in my mind.

“Where is your friend?” I ignore his question and the stench of the nicotine infused smoke.

“Did that bother you?” He smiles, stepping on the cigarette even though I know he has more than a few drags left.  I start walking away, knowing without a doubt that he will be following.

“So it did,” his chuckle is infuriating.  “Well if it makes you feel any better, flirting with Harry had its intended affect.”

“There was no intended affect,” I lie.  “And I was not flirting.”

“You were flirting,” Zayn chuckles.  I start to take my key card out of my wallet, but his hand wraps around my bicep, pulling me backwards slightly so that I nearly fall into him.  “But I forgive you.”  His breath is on me, the spearmint gum mixing with the lingering smell of smoke, and instead of feeling nauseous I am actually leaning towards him.

His arm snakes around my back, his lips and voice intoxicating in its own way.

“You want to kiss me (Your Full Name),” he whispers, and I realize he is right.  Too right.  I feel myself leaning into him; our lips dangerously close by the time I get my wits about me.

“But I’m not going to,” I hate how raspy my voice has suddenly become.  I step away from him and leave him standing there as I walk briskly up to the front of the building.  I look over my shoulder at the last second to see Zayn walking away, hands shoved into his pockets, and shaking his head. 

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