The Academy of Misfits

Liv always had thought that everyone cared too much about how they looked like or if someone liked them and all that. She would wear her beanie or swagger shirt knowing that people were whispering about her, but she really didn't care. But when she gets kidnapped (she thinks) and has been whisked to someplace no one has ever heard about, will she realize that not everything is as it seems?

P.S (About the rating, the only eh words in the story are freakin and hell, not used in a bad way really, I am a clean person....... yeah.......)


2. I Really Don't Care

   Sup, the name's Liv, real name is Livanna Vence, basically just Liv. Any-who, I sat in the school library listening to a song that really describes me, I Really Don't Care, by Demi Lovato. I'm a major Lovatic! I was just tuning on my sky blue iPod with super cool beats, when someone just had to disturb my peace, my best friend, Jasmine Zapella, Jaz, the only one that yells like hell in the library! "Liv!! Come here!" and of course she is the only one that yells at someone who is across the freaking whole room to go to her! "What do you want!" Of course I would yell back. "Come here!" she shouts. I hate that girl, so I run across the whole room. "You know you're a freaking idiot?" I tell her, then I break into a smile and give her a hug. "Girl you look good today." Jaz looks at me up and down. I was wearing a flowy neon orange shirt that said Swagger That's Blessed and high waisted black leather shorts a necklace that said Liv, a bunch of bracelets, all having to do with Demi, mustaches, swagger, or best friends, orange neon vans, and last but not least, my black beanie over my curls, I'm cool like that ;). "Thanks Jaz, you look, um pretty cool i guess.." I joked, then she she punched my arm so hard! Jaz is actually really pretty, she has fair skin and blonde curly hair with brown highlights, she has hazel eyes and is always smiling, even when she punched me! "YOWZA!" I shouted. "Now who's being the freaking idiot?" She mocked. "That hurt Jaz!" I whined. "Mhmmmm" "Whatever" I scoffed. "We have to go back to class or Ms. Margaret will-" Jaz made the slicing throat signal indicating she will most definetely kill us. 


   "Turn to page 394." Ms.Margaret asked, wait, more like ordered. Jaz and I made a quick glance at each other reminding our selves of Severus Snape in Harry Potter, the best book series ever! I raised my hand and asked, "Ms. Margaret I don't rea-" She cut me off and replied ferociously, "Well maybe, Miss Livanna, you should have been paying attention!" Normally in movies if this happens the class usually snickers then the teacher thinks he/she is so cool but not in M.O.A. All Girls Boarding School, the class usually sticks up for you. In other classes they will but not in Ms.Margaret's stupid class. In this case a great and brave friend like Jaz will stick up for you, "Ms.Margaret, if I may speak-" Jaz begins but the dumb teacher cuts HER OFF ALSO! "No you may not." "Too bad I will anyway" Jaz taunts. I stifle a laugh, she looks at me with that mischievous twinkle in her eye, and her evil grin, me knowing that this could possibly, absolutely can not end well.



btw: let me ease your confused minds by saying that this boarding school doesn't require uniform! ;)

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