Marks were left all around the streets of the small town . But nobody knew who left them . We follow Sky'leigh Styles , Queen's Park High School's Journalist on her mission to solve the case of the Mystery Graffiti artist of Cheshire . Nobody thought it would be possible but she later catches him red handed . Which lead to questioning ,Questioning lead to talk , And talking lead to a massive crush she can't stop thinking about . And it all started with Graffiti


5. Chapter 5




Sky'leigh's P.O.V

•Zayn Javaad Malik (Z.J.M)

•Absent the past 2 years 

•Was a perfect student


•Possibly not a culprit 

• Tall •Tan •Tattoos

•Dark  • S̶e̶x̶y̶ Black Hair√          

I hate to make Zayn the culprit but everything through my obeservations just seem to keep adding up more and more . When I first started observation it was the appearance, now its his academic absence . There has to be somebody else named Zayn that I didn't notice 10th grade . I mean honestly. I haven't gotten into his personal life in any of my conversations because I'm so stuck on how amazing he looks and sounds , and and personality wise. Maybe I'm the reason why things aren't actually coming together as planned 

I ploped down my notepad and pen when I got an email from Principal Lovett , and of course it had to do with the mysterious painting appearing all around campus.

Hello Ms.Styles ,

I just wanted to contact you some how to see how the investigation on the grafitti artist is going. It appears that 3 new works of art have been placed behind the school also some quotes and mysterious messages written underneath , They must be for someone . but my point is I hope things are going together and that way we can finally put this behind us .

Thanks for your help 

Principal N.Lovett

I sighed knowing now that the new art has been placed I have to go look for it for more clues . I emailed her back not to worry with the looks of worry on my face. I can't really be sure about anything unless I see the art , and Zayn again.


The next day I made sure I got up before 'on time' for school. I placed my Navy blue blazer on over my white T that was paired with my jean and my all white Vans . After spending too much time on my hair and make up , more than I usually do atleast , I sling my camera over my shoulder , grabbed my notepad and my bookbag and rushed out for school. Normally I'd wait for Harry but I don't have time to wait for Mr.Perfect this morning


I made it to school and it was about 7 and way before students would arrive which gave enough time to look over the new tags that were left . I went all the way to the back of the school by the tennis court and towards the brick wall where the morning sun peeked out were bright blue and purple and orangy, yellow colors . and as I got closer I noticed it was a sky quite similar to the sky yesterday . I happen to know because I took a picture of it . Written in the clouds of the picture read "A pretty name for a gorgeous girl" and just below it was the notorious signature of Z.J.M . I couldn't believe my eyes at how much beauty a can of paint could do to a boring wall , but what did this quote even mean? . I took pictures of it then turning my back , and right then and there I see a figure in all black . He looks both ways before spraying the wall pink "Wait .. WAIT HEY !" I shouted getting his attention . He looked at me before dropping everything and running . "No no wait!!!" I screeched dropping my stuff and doing the same my camera still over my shoulders . 

I chased after him almost 2 blocks down the street until he turned into the neighborhood park. I chased until finally I caught onto his foot by diving on the grass and tripped him to his fall . He groaned in pain and I got up hovering over her "Mr.Graffiti artist I finally got -- " I rip the black ski mask off his face seeing the face of the person made me blush "Zayn?"



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