Marks were left all around the streets of the small town . But nobody knew who left them . We follow Sky'leigh Styles , Queen's Park High School's Journalist on her mission to solve the case of the Mystery Graffiti artist of Cheshire . Nobody thought it would be possible but she later catches him red handed . Which lead to questioning ,Questioning lead to talk , And talking lead to a massive crush she can't stop thinking about . And it all started with Graffiti


4. Chapter 4

Sky'leigh's P.O.V


We soon arrived in Dalino's just around the corner from the park . When you walked in interior was beautiful . It resembled an 60's diner which is what I loved the most about it . "This place is amazing " I kept looking around at the stuff I missed . "You've never been in here before ?" Zayn asked . I slowly shook my head .

I was still amazed but I was kinda embarrassed . "I don't really go out to eat is the thing so the only restaurant I've seen is Mcdonalds . Just being honest ." I shrugged . He smiled laughing kinda quietly . "Well that's alright . Keep hanging out with me I'll take you here everyday if you wanted me to ." He winked .

I blushed my cheeks turning the same color as my shoes . There's just something about Zayn I like . Is it that he resembles so much of a bad boy but the things he says are so sweet . or is it he is a bad boy with just a little charm . Is there even a difference in what I just said ? . 

We ordered our food and awkwardly sipped our drinks at our table . I don't mean to be quiet , scared , nervous , .. Scared but . I really saw no difference in Zayn . I felt he wanted to say something but he didn't wanna say it .

I felt I should make conversation myself . " I um .. I've never been out with a friend before " I told him . "I don't believe that . " He shook his head as he looked at his menu . "Weren't those guys you went bowling with your friends .. and you boyfriendddd possibly ?" He smriked . I chuckled

"No boyfriend .. and those were my Twin brother and my brothers friends " I rolled my eyes . He chuckled at my actions this time . "What is that a bad thing ?" . I shook my head .

"Its just .. I don't have many friends I don't trust many people . So hanging out with my brothers friends makes me the odd one out . They just aren't the type of people I would hang out with " I shrugged .

He looked down a little shy like . "Am I .. Someone you would hang out with ? .. You know you can be honest you don't have to lie to save my feelings because .."

"Yeah .. " I answered before he could finish his rant on about me saving his feelings . There's no need for that . He blushed looking down .

the biggest smile covering his face . "Thanks I um .. " He began to play with the rim of his glass . "Hmm?" I asked .

"Well its been a while since you know I had friends . I dropped out of High school Sophomore year .I just couldn't do it anymore so I left friends .. anything I had behind to find relief . and find peace in something I wanna do . " He mumbled .

He sat there . I could see the emotions in his eyes . He began to chuckle awkwardly . "I'm um . I'm sorry to like .. make things so serious and whatever but---" "Its okay " I told him . Right when he smiled at me our food came to the table .

He began to eat and laugh and play around for the rest of the night . When we left he walked me home after we got lost a couple times and walked me to the door step . "Thanks for today . I loved hanging out with you " I told him .

"Hey no problem . Maybe we can do it again sometime " His lips curved into a smile so heart warming . I smiled back making him smile even harder .

He blew out a sigh looking around the area obviously looking to see if anybody else was . I was caught by surprise when he closed in pressing his soft lips against my cheek . I began to blush bright red when he smiled and walked away .

I brushed my fingertips against my cheek feeling warm inside . "Hey ... Where you been all night ?" I heard the door open and Harry's voice project . I turned around . "I-I was with Z---" I cut myself off .

I turned back around knowing where Zayn walked .. But he wasn't there anymore . "I was . Just out with a friend " I mumbled .

"Oh Okay .. Well mum said come inside . She ordered pizza and cinnamon sticks .. " He said walking inside .I looked back at the sidewalk once more thinking of Zayn .

I don't know why . Okay maybe I don't .

But I don't want to admit that maybe just maybe .

I might have a slight crush .. Okay maybe its too big to be slight . 

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