Marks were left all around the streets of the small town . But nobody knew who left them . We follow Sky'leigh Styles , Queen's Park High School's Journalist on her mission to solve the case of the Mystery Graffiti artist of Cheshire . Nobody thought it would be possible but she later catches him red handed . Which lead to questioning ,Questioning lead to talk , And talking lead to a massive crush she can't stop thinking about . And it all started with Graffiti


3. Chapter 3.

Sky'leigh's P.O.V


We drove home and though it was really late I sat back at my desk and wrote down the new information . 

•Zayn Javaad Malik (Z.J.M)

•Absent the past 2 years 

•Was a perfect student


•Possibly not a culprit 

• Tall •Tan •Tattoos

•Dark  • Sexy 

I finished writing then looking over what I added and realized I put sexy . I didn't mean to do that . I growled taking my pen and crossing it out and adding something else .

S̶e̶x̶y̶  Black Hair 

I had to admit he was pretty hot .  However I'm not boy hunting . I must keep things professional . But those cheekbones and those golden eyes .. let me stop . It amazed me that I actually found him and he actually gave me his number .

But of course I could be wrong . There are many Zayn's in the world I'm sure . It couldn't be just that one . Beautiful . Hot human right ? . I'm pretty sure he would know better considering he would know he's too beautiful to go to jail ... or am I wrong ? . 


The next morning I woke up still sitting at my computer desk , my reading glasses on my face , and my pen still in between my fingers 

I did a quick stretch noticing there was a note left on the light on my desk . I could tell it was from Harry from the brief scent of Mcdonalds chicken nuggets lingering on the note and the girly handwriting . I read it aloud in my head . 

Sky , 

Had to go to school without you this morning , 

mum said you could stay home if you really couldn't get up just don't break anything . 

Love you , Hazzie 

After I read the note I took a look at my clock that read 11:35 am . I'm already 3 hours late there is no use to go and just get detention . I'll pass . I got up from my desk removing my glasses from my face and walking to my bathroom .

I ran a hot shower for my aching bones stepping in and just relaxing for a second before washing up . I dried my hair and put on what I was gonna wear to school today which was just a sweatshirt and some jeans . Nothing special . I tied my red converse to my feet after the long selection through my many pairs of converse . I put my favorite beanie on my head and grabbed my special Vintage camera off my glass shelf . Time to hit the park . 


I took my time finding the best things to photograph .  There are many things to take a picture of in the open world especially in England . But you have to  look deep inside to find the most unique things .

In a small town like Holmes Chapel theres many of those unique things . Just take a look at my weird brother . After taking a couple pictures I sat against the tree by the Football field where little league were practicing . I looked through all the pictures I took figuring out which ones to keep and which ones to delete . I was completely caught off guard when someone screamed . "BOWLING ALLEY GIRL!!!" .

I pressed the button on the camera and the flash burned into my eyes . I let out quite a scream and I hear a pair of footsteps run my way .

"Are you okay Love ?" The very familiar voice asked .

I was regaining my vision but I noticed those eyes and that Hair and .. It was him once again .

"Um . Y-Yeah I'm okay " I told him raising up

"Good Good I'm sorry for scaring you " He let out a small laugh .

I shook my head a couple times .

" Its okay .. Zayn right ?" I asked .

He nodded with a smile so innocent . I could stare at it all day .

"You know I didn't really get your name .. would you mind repeating it again for me ?" He said biting his lip .

I noticed he does that a lot .

"Um .. I'm Sky'leigh " I said .

He took my hand kissing my skin .

"A pretty name for a Gorgeous girl "

. I let out a small chuckle . "Smooth " . "Aren't I ?" He said making me laugh . He got up helping me up and gave me my camera .

"Nice camera .I've been looking for one like this  " He said .

I smiled " This actually was a gift from my brother . I think he got it from online but I don't know " I shrugged .

"Cool ... Where are you going right this second ??" He asked me . "Well I was gonna go home but What's up " I asked .

"I was wondering if maybe you would like to go to lunch with me .. If you're free maybe . " He asked just a tad nervous .

I watched as his lip went back between his teeth letting me know exactly how nervous he was .

"Uh sure " I smiled he smiled back his cheeks turning red .

"Okay cool " He shakily grabbed my hand .

Does your hand always shake like this ?" I asked him as we walked .

 He looked at me and smiled . "Does it bother you ?" .

I shook my head . "Not at all " 



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