Marks were left all around the streets of the small town . But nobody knew who left them . We follow Sky'leigh Styles , Queen's Park High School's Journalist on her mission to solve the case of the Mystery Graffiti artist of Cheshire . Nobody thought it would be possible but she later catches him red handed . Which lead to questioning ,Questioning lead to talk , And talking lead to a massive crush she can't stop thinking about . And it all started with Graffiti


2. Chapter 2.

Sky'leigh's P.O.V


I thought after school would be the perfect time to do my research . I rushed out the current classroom I was in and visited the Principals office just to check and see if Z.J.M is somewhere in the school system . 

I watched Principal Lovett as she went through her computer and files at the same time . And I happened to be very excited when she found one . "There used to be a Zayn Javaad Malik that goes here . He hasn't been here in the past 2 years so " She said handing me his file .

" Do you know why he wasn't here ?" I asked only trying to get further into the case and maybe even solving it .

"Um . He's just been absent no excuses . " She shrugged . I took out my journal writing down this information .

"Sky'leigh . I just wanna say thankyou for doing this . You're not like your brother are you ??" She asked.

Something tells me she doesn't know me that well for asking that question . "No not at all . I'll start working on this tonight so I can get to the bottom of this faster " I smiled taking his file and my other information .

"Thankyou . We are all grateful for you " . Hearing Principal Lovett say that has made me so pumped to figure out this case . I felt like I was getting so close to figuring it out every second of everytime I'm thinking about . Hopefully I figure it out soon . 


My light was dim as I sat at my desk looking through Zayn Malik's file . Before he left he was a Basketball star , he had good grades . A's and B's . unlike most graffiti artist , and his only perfect scores were in Art , Choir , and English , It also says he was lead in most school plays that had that had a lot of singing parts .

He must be a good singer . Sitting here looking at his perfect attendance records and good grades I don't understand why this guy would actually do graffiti .

He too much of a goddamn goody-two shoes to do such a thing . I shut the file in frustration beginning to write in my Journal under Graffiti case

Zayn Javaad Malik (Z.J.M)

•Absent the past 2 years 

•Was a perfect student


•Possibly not a culprit 

"What's up sis " It couldn't be no one other than Haz walking in my room and standing over my thinking space .

"I'm working" I told him . "You're not gonna find this guy . Graffiti artist barely get arrested in the city " Haz said kinda making a point .

Though he was right I just couldn't give up . Not after how close I am . " I have the guy all I need to do is catch him in the act " I explained .

"And how exactly are you gonna do that .? You don't even know how he looks " He asked .

"I'll catch him .. It can't possibly be that difficult to catch a graffiti artist while they're doing graffiti .. Pleaaasseee don't bring me down Haz I'm sooo close " I said the last part excitedly .

A chuckle escaped his lips .

"I believe in you . I'm just teasing you a bit " He pat my back . I smiled bashfully "Thanks" .

"But hey . I'm going bowling with the guys and mum wanted me to ask if you wanted to come . " He asked while walking out the door .

I really hate to leave my post now when I'm so close but Maybe I do deserve a little fun . I mean I think I'm working so hard . "Sure that sounds like fun" I smiled . 


We arrived at the bowling alley with the guys . They walked in front of me and Niall and we followed behind . "You really have information on this guy ? Do you think he did it ?" He asked questioned 500 miles per hour . I chuckled . " I won't know he did it until I catch him actually doing the crime . Which won't be that hard I guess . OOOH I feel like such a detective " I clapped with such speed smiling so wide . He laughed . "Well .." He began . I didn't hear the rest mesmerized by his lips as he talked . His arm made its way around my shoulders and I was speechless . I forgot he was even talking like I was on cloud 9 . "Niall come on you're on my team " Haz called . "Oh well that's my cue good luck " He patted my shoulder jogging to catch up with Haz . Here's when the sibling rivalry begins . 


Right now Team Tommo was winning , which was my team with Haz's Best Mates Louis, Liam , and Trevor . Trevor is Haz's girlfriend Eliza's brother . It sounds a bit complicated . I thought it was funny how they became best friends when before Haz and Eliza started dating Trevor hated Haz so much . Small world huh . "Sky's turn get us another strike !!" Louis yelled .

"Oh I will " I smirked devilish like to Haz's team making everyone on my team ooo with excitement . I walked up to the group of bowling balls and as I grabbed the glossy red sphere another pair of hands touched it .

I looked up meeting a pair of golden Honey eyes . His hair covered his forehead lazily with a small blonde streak through the middle . 

"Oh . Its okay you can use it " He said in a soft but rough voice then sending off a small smile . "No i-Its cool . Here's another one right .. Right  here " I stumbled over my words like nobody's business . He beamed bringing his tongue over his bottom lip . "Thank you" He said with that walking away .

"You're welcome " I mumbled nervous like . Though he didn't .

I couldn't take my eyes off of him smiling with his friends and he walked up to the lane . Though he didn't look like the person you would see me hanging out with his eyes were so innocent and sweet . I forgot where I was tripping over my own foot and snapping me back to reality .

"Are you okay Sky ?" Niall asked concerned . I looked at him "Uh yeah I was just .. Thinking about how back we're gonna beat you guys " I told him sassy like . I stepped back a little from the lane holding to the ball to my chest .

I looked over seeing the young boy roll the ball making all the pins except for one .

Would it be wrong to just show off ? I'll do it anyway .

I brought my arm back swinging the ball into the lane knocking down all the pins at once . My team applauded loudly as the points I made leaded us to victory . They all gave me high fives and small pats on the back .

"You guys in for another game ?" Liam asked smirking a little . "Alright I'm in . I want my sister back " Haz said crossing his arms . "Ah ah same teams " Louis snickered . "Fine" Haz pouted making me giggle . I walked over to the table grabbing my sprite in a tall glass taking small sips from my straw .

"Hey " I heard the angelic voice . I looked over to see the same guy walking over to me .

My stomach did back flips as I all of the sudden got really nervous .

"You got skills you should really teach me sometime " He bit his him smiling . "Thanks " I blushed "Aw you're blushing" He chuckled making me cover my face in embarrassment

"The guys noticed that I was kinda looking at you and they wanted me to come talk to you so .. Sorry if I caught you off guard" He smiled .

I chuckled "No you're fine I almost choked on my sprite so " I shrugged . He chuckled huskily . Even his laughs were perfect .

"Sky come on the game is starting " Liam called for me . "Oh . Well I gotta go " I told him sadly . I didn't wanna stop talking to him for some reason . "Oh well here . " He said taking the pin out of one of the check books and writing down something on a napkin . " Can you call me sometime ?" He asked .

I nodded "Sure I-I'll call you " I began to get all nervous once again . My palms were sweating as he gave me the napkin and planted a light kiss on my cheek .

He kept his bottom lip in between his teeth as he smiled walking away . My fingers grazed over my cheek as blushed . I looked at the napkin to see what He wrote . 

Hey give me a call when you can

01477-385-1039 - Zayn ♥

My jaw dropped . I can't believe I actually talked to him . I think I found him . 

I think I found Zayn Malik . 



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