Marks were left all around the streets of the small town . But nobody knew who left them . We follow Sky'leigh Styles , Queen's Park High School's Journalist on her mission to solve the case of the Mystery Graffiti artist of Cheshire . Nobody thought it would be possible but she later catches him red handed . Which lead to questioning ,Questioning lead to talk , And talking lead to a massive crush she can't stop thinking about . And it all started with Graffiti


1. Chapter 1

Sky'leigh's P.O.V


Okay . Let me just start with I love the art of Writing and Photography . When I was younger my older sister Gemma gave me my first camera and I would be out all night just taking pictures and writing about what they all meant . Photography and writing has made me the person I am today . The main Journalist of the Queen's Park High School news paper . I dedicated most of my life this because .. well . This is what I'm good at . And Its cool that I impress people every time. 

Today wasn't just a typical day at school . Everyone rushed around campus finding the quickest ways to the auditorium for a special announcement . It would be so unlike me to be the last one there . As I rushed around with everyone else , my converse clacking against the ground with my every move . I tried to get the most pictures out of this moment the most unique pictures that is . I tried to quickly get my Journal out of my bag accidentally dropping my camera just praying it was broken after that . I sighed closing my bag back and bending down to pick up my camera . As my hands touched it another pair of hands grazed over mine helping . I was alarmed at first but then I saw the face of my Best Friend . Niall Horan

"Oh . Thanks Niall " I sighed .

"Hey no worries .. What the rush this morning about ?" He questioned looking around at all the crazed teenagers .

"Some special announcement I guess . Hopefully its about the AC being fixed at last " I wished making Niall burst into fits of laughter .

I knew it probably wasn't that . But its just a thought .

"We'll see . I hope it's about the Principal finally expanding the football field We're literally playing in a primary school play ground " He rolled his eyes in annoyance .

" One can dream . whatever it is I hope it gives me a good story for next week " I began to write inside of my journal .

"You're creative if this doesn't work you can always come up with something " He pat my back making me smile at him .

Niall's more than a Best friend to me . Not only is he a Best Friend but he's my crush that I would never have the guts to ask out . Not to sound too cliche He sends off vibes to make anybody happy which makes him unlike other guys . Niall's like a brother to Haz so even if I did wanna ask him out things wouldn't go as planned . Haz is over protective . Maybe he's just jealous I'm the better Twin . Speaking of Haz -- 

"Niall Bro what's this meeting all about ?" He asked flipping his curls and walking next to Niall .

"I don't know . Me and Sky were just talking about it actually " He said pointing to me . Haz made eye contact .

I just waved praying he wouldn't pull me to the side and give me 'the talk' about why I shouldn't date his friends .I knew I should have never shared that secret with him . The bell went off like a siren signalling what is really supposed to be first period . Everyone else outside scattered trying to make it to the auditorium before the second bell .

"Well I'm gonna go see you later Ni " I waved running towards the doors .

"Alright see yah" He called . I turned around and smile then running the rest of the way .

I entered the hot room full of students and I watched the Principal as he kept trying to get everyone quiet . 

"Everyone .. Quiet down !" Principal Lovett boomed over her Mega Phone .

Everyone instantly became silent and I walked over and took my seat next to the door . I watched as Principal Lovett cleared her throat , fixed her skirt , and began to speak without any interruptions . The lights dimmed and a huge projector screen appeared from the ceiling 

"This weekend I came to the school to do some work . When I pulled up I saw drawings and spray pain hands all over the walls and the door of the main building " She explained .

Pictures appeared on the screen making everyone gasp at the skilled art painted on the brick outside . It was AMAZING . As she went on you know , Vandalism is wrong and what not . I looked closer into the picture . I noticed the initials Z.J.M . Yes of course it could mean anything but .. Couldn't it have been a name ? .

"Once we find who did this they will be expelled . If you know who did it I would like you to report it to me immediately no games this is a serious matter " She said to all the students .

This is vandalism we're talking about why can't they just get the police involved . How do they even know it was somebody here ? . How could they be so sure ? . I looked around at the students . Faces filled with amazement as the chatted among themselves and blamed each other for the issue . Then I thought . Maybe this could be my big break . Maybe I could find the suspect . It may be a bit difficult but if I start here I'm sure the flow will easier .

"Excuse me !!!" I yelled politely making everyone be quiet . Everyone looked at me making me feel just a little uncomfortable .

"Ms.Styles is something bothering you ?" Principal Lovett asked smiling .

I looked at all of the waiting eyes for my answer . My attention landed on Niall who was looking at me smiling while Haz tried to talk in his ear . I met eyes with the older female in the middle of the room once again taking a deep breath then speaking my word . 

"I'll find the graffiti artist "


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