The introduction of a story about a girl who goes on an adventure against an evil race. nothing much but you know.


1. Rationing

We're told the same story about the human race over and over again. The story of how the humans fought the Vuzu for control of their world. The 120 year war that lead tot he destruction of both races. in the end nothing was left on Earth except for the ashes and rock.

Just when it looked like earth was inhabitable once more, an Empire rose from he ashes. An Empire built from the three brothers of Azzard. To safeguard their rule and keep peace on earth, the brothers dived the Earth into three Sectors. Zeron, the eldest brother,took the power of Earth and living creatures. Torridity, the second eldest brother, had power over fire and light. And the youngest,Emanation, held the power over water and storms. The inhabitant's of each Sector were called Azzards, in honor of three three brothers. We inherit the powers of our Sector when we are born and train to use our powers for protection and to help our society grow.

I wake up in my Sector to the slashing of the rolling waves around me. The calmness of the salty air would drift me away to sleep for hours. But not today. Today monthly rations are deported around the world from Zeron (the Earth Sector) by the Crowns' patrols. The other Sectors are either mainly water or dessert but Zeron is mostly land therefore capable of growing plants and food. Even the Crown relies on their powers even though they can whip up just about anything in their labs. Torridity serves our world by producing energy from heat and my sector : We provide clean water, poisonous oils and the salt people put on their chips.

I run into the center, panting and trying to catch the buttons on my shirt. There's always a huge swarm of people around the drop hole where the net s placed. There's no order in how the food is shared out, first come, first served. Only rule is that all shopkeepers must be in the first row for the swiping so anyone who had slept in or was at the back could buy food later. Now im pushing my way through the yelling men and women, chanting for the food above them to be dropped. I crash to the floor the same time as the food as the force of the pushing doubles and its either go down or don't breathe. My fingers going white and red from the stomps of the rioters. These people probably havent eaten in a couple of days due to last month's bug attack fromt he north and left half the food rotten or gone.


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