Thin Walls // Z.M //

Right there In that moment she looked so fragile; so vulnerable; so broken; as if she will break in with the slightest movement.

In that moment as she let the tears fall from her eyes, I promised myself that I will do any for her. I would be her everything. Her friend; lover; protector; and her savior; even if that meant I would die trying.

-This book has abuse in it. It is dedicated to anyone out there with abusive parents There Is Happiness at the end of this :D -


3. 3

Rosemary Pov:

School was it's normal boring self. The only thing interesting was a two new guys at school they were in the grade above me so I could care less. All day my friends Britt and China have been going on about how they past them in the halls and they looked like male models, yeah right.

"Rose please c'mon your saying you have no interest to even have a glance at the new kids" Britt screamed/whispered to me while we were in Lab.

I mentally sighed "No Britt now please stop before Mrs.Edwards come over here and yell at us" I whispered back.

"Miss Jones and Miss Crews please go to the principal office now!" I hear a high pitch squeaky voice yell.

"What the fuck! Why we weren't even loud" Britt yelled. "Your being disruptive" She said with a grin. "Now leave!"

We both got out seats and walked out the class, I really don't know what here problem is she used to be a kind teacher; well that what everyone said; the whole school blames me for Miss Edward attitude because as soon as I transferred here. I really wish why I knew she hated me but of course she would never tell.

I was cut out of my deep thoughts when I ran into something hard it wasn't a wall it was a firm chest."Oh my gosh are you ok" I hear I hear a male voice say above, I looked up and saw him.



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