Thin Walls // Z.M //

Right there In that moment she looked so fragile; so vulnerable; so broken; as if she will break in with the slightest movement.

In that moment as she let the tears fall from her eyes, I promised myself that I will do any for her. I would be her everything. Her friend; lover; protector; and her savior; even if that meant I would die trying.

-This book has abuse in it. It is dedicated to anyone out there with abusive parents There Is Happiness at the end of this :D -


1. 1


"Worthless that's all you are" I hear 'Him' scream at my mom. 'Him' is my dad or was my dad, I don't know any more. I'm currently on top of the steps listening to my mom and him.

"James please, I am sorry forgive me" She pleaded for the one hundredth time. "Not excepting any more of your apologies" Then he did what he does best slapped her. He slapped her four more times before I gasped at the scene she is.

He turned my way and grinned his evil smirk, I felt my heart race I quickly got up and race to my bedroom. I could hear his footsteps charging after me. I kept on running praying that he wont catch me.

I was right at the door when I felt a hand grab my hair and pull me back. He breath smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. "Were the fuck you think your going you fucking slut" I whispered in my ear. I whimper in response. He laughed bitterly "Exactly no where now how about we play a game" he kicked the back of my leg, and I fell.

He started to drag me by my hair to the steps. He brought me by the steps and with one hard kick I was tumbling down our marble steps. I felt my body go numb, I tired to scream but nothing came out.

I saw him stand over me with his evil smirk, he raised his fist and punched me and whisper 'Sweet Dreams'  before it all went black.




WHALEEEEEEEE that was chapter one.





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