Be Alone

Skylar HIs Whole Entire Life Sucks. He Doesn't Believe In Love.
But Will That Change When So Finds Him?


4. Why Does This Happen To Me?

        I slid into my covers deeper to make sure he didn't see my underwear.


"Well making sure you were ok."

"Why wouldn't I be." Trying to say I little bit calmer. He shrugged. I had enough of him, I didn't care if he see's my underwear he was in my private property and I didn't like that. I jumped out of my bed to push him out of my house. I could see him blushing a bit. I wonder why, But then he turned around and slammed his lips into mine. I Struggled to push him away because I liked it. He grabbed my waist and pushed me onto the bed and kissed me even harder. WHATS GOING ON, I asked myself. I was letting him do this make him stop. I Pushed him off of me .

"GET OUT." I Said scream and feeling my face heat up. He sat up and his face was priceless, it was so bright red he looked sick. I couldn't help but chuckle and that led to and big laugh. He started to cry though.

"Im so sorry. I couldn't help myself." I smiled and said its ok. Why did I do that, it wasn't ok. I put a serious look on my face

"I don't want friends that think popularity is better then anyone. Also can you please get out of my house?" I said with a straight face.

"Um im really sorry you know."

"Ok but get out." As I pointed at the door. I didn't even know the guy.

"Um actually I have to ask.... I broke up with my girlfriend and my parents went out and locked the door." He said sadly

"Well unlock it with your key." I Said

"That's the problem I left the key there, and my parents aren't answering there phones." I Sighed. Im going to have to let him stay with me aren't I.

"You can stay me if you want." I said calmly

"Really thank you! And I Will talk to you at school!" I smiled but it was a bit forced. I never let anyone stay here. Then I Realized I had no shirt on and he could see my cuts and bruises. He looked down and gave me a pity glace, I hate people pitying me.

"Do you harm yourself." I shook my head and said

"No my father did those after my broth-" I said to much. No one cant get this close not even Hannah. He is a random stranger too. I heard his stomach rumble and he blushed. He was cute with his redish hair, heavenly eyes, and he is very strong looking.

"Um are you hungry?" I asked questionly. He nodded his head and I grabbed a shirt and shoved it on.

"Ok well I'll go cook." I walked to my kitchen to go cook. I started to cook some eggs and pancakes.

"Is breakfast for dinner fine?" He nodded. Well I was all ready cooking it so I wasn't going to throw it away if he said no. He was being awfully quiet. I turned to see him looking at the family pictures I hung up. I don't know why I hung those up. I hated my family, and my brother was in all those pictures. I turned away so he didn't see me staring.

"Is this your brother." He asked pointing at him.

"Yes but he died in a car accident with a couple of his drunk friends." I said quietly.

"He must of been a lot to you."

"Why do you ask that."

"Whenever you talk about him you go quiet and don't say much about it." I Frowned after he said that. I didn't even know I did that.

"Yea well he was the only one that liked me in the family and that kept the family together." I said calmly while putting food on plates.

"Dinner is done you should sit. Sorry about not having real food I haven't been shopping in awhile." I said. But he just smiled

"Its Fine! I've always wanted to try breakfast for dinner." He said smiling.

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