Be Alone

Skylar HIs Whole Entire Life Sucks. He Doesn't Believe In Love.
But Will That Change When So Finds Him?


5. Can I Find Love?

              We ate in silence until I broke it.

"How long do you plan on staying." I asked but still focusing on my food.

"Um... Can I stay here for 3 days." I stared at him. I've never had anyone stay over before. Well ever since my brother. I was lonely too. But He didn't want his friends to know about me that was a jerk move. I just nodded my head though. I was lonely and I can make a friend. I smiled.

       After we were done I cleaned the plates and wiped the table. I looked at the clock to see it was 10. I went to the closet and got some blankets and threw them at him and pointed towards the couch. He laid down and closed his eye's as I went to my room and slipped into my bed. Then I remembered I WAS IN MY UNDERWEAR THE WHOLE TIME WITH ONLY A SHIRT. I blushed bright red and thought what did he think. Erg. I closed my eyes and feel asleep.

      I awoke to someone shaking me so I turned to my alarm clock to see it was 2am. Then I turned to see Josh was shaking me.

"What do you want." I said squinting at him trying to make out his face.

"Um I cant sleep is it ok if I can sleep with you." I could see he was blushing pretty red. I lifted the blanket as saying yes. He slid in the bed.

"What happened." I asked

"I got.....scared..." I Couldn't help but laugh. The most popular got scared.

"Don't laugh!" He said a bit studdering. He was so cute when he was blushing.

"Why did you get scared?" I asked.

"I've never been to someone's house before." he said. He has never been to someone's house before! Wow.

"ok. I can see why you are scared.

"Um... can we sleep like this. Facing each other." I Nodded and closed my eye's while I fell in a deep sleep.

           I heard my alarm beeping. Then I turned to see Josh in my bed. Why was he in my bed. I started to remember and blushed because his arms were wrapped around my waist. I Started to shake him. He lazily opened and rubbed his hands up and down my back.

"Um... Time to get ready for school." His eyes flung open and he started to blush and took his arms off me.

"S-sorry." He studdered while I just smiled. I Got out of bed and got changed into jeans and a black V-neck shirt. Josh sat there even blushing harder.

"Um do you have any clothes I can borrow?" He asked. Josh was a big dude. To big for my clothes. Atleast I had some of my brothers older clothes. I let him borrow my brothers jeans and his shirt that said. Death Isnt The Worst Thing That Happened To Me. He thanked me after that because they fitted him perfectly. Then we started to walked to school.

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