He left me-on hold:(

Kat Malik is the sister of zayn Malik but he left her alone and left her a messy note what will happen when he sees her again and does not remember her and will she fall for his best mate* a new chapter every other day


2. chapter 1

Chapter 1: don't remember

I got up out of bed I got ready to go to Starbucks David was sleeping so I asked Meghan if she wanted to go with me. I put the note zayn gave me in my coat pocket. I kept the note it's the only thing I have left of him "Meghan let's go" "coming !" We walked to Starbucks and orderd food. We were done we left. The street was empty except five boys walking but one was zayn... I looked down so he won't know it's me but I didn't watch we're I was going and I ran into him. Meghan looked at him then at me her jaw dropped the the floor. I looked at her for help but she ignored me and started yelling "Zayn Malik right" "yes" "how dare you" Meghan snapped "what" you left your sister all alone" I don't have a sister" that tore me apart. He left me and forgot about me I did not realize I was crying until a pair of blue eyes looked at me I stopped my, world stopped "are you ok" "um yeah" Meghan was yelling so I tried to stop her but I can't so I called David and Joey. After what seemed like forever they got here David picked up Meghan and I said sorry to the boys. Me and joey walked in silence till we got home. Joey had to go so it was just me David and Meghan. Meghan was mad at Zayn I don't blame her I'm mad at him to. I can't believe him.So after Meghan calmed down we went to Walmart and we were having a good time. Me and David took Meghan's phone and ran. She chased after us calling our full names she does that when she is mad "Kathryn jenn Malik!!" We ran faster. I think we lost her by the doors I slowed down but I ran into zayn and just my luck Meghan came screaming my FULL name even my last when she found me she said "thank you Kat" zayn looked at me shocked "you have the same last name as me" "um yea" then David came to me thank you David!!! Wait is this your brother I smacked his head "ow!!" "To bad"I said "what does he mean by brother" he asked "um zayn I'm your sister you left me to go on X factor why did you do that to me you know you were the only one I had all you left me was a messy note!" "What note" I took the note from my pocket and handed it to him" it was quiet while he read "oh my gosh Kat is that you?" " why?" "What?" "Why did you leave me alone all by myself you never called you never tried to reach me " Kat" "why" Kat I had to change me number and I was to faded by the fame" well I'm tired of it" you knew how important this is to me" it is but now you only care about yourself " "that's not true Kat I love u your my sister I felt bad about leaving you but this is my dream and it's finally came true I never wanted to leave Kat please forgive me"he begged "sorry zayn but I moved on" "please Kat can I at least gain your trust" " why so you can leave me again"I snapped "no I won't I promise "fine I gave him my number and left back home with Meghan and David they were shocked "well thanks you guys" "what did we do" "Kathryn jenn Malik" "oh yeah sorry" when we were a block away from my house zayn texted me he asked me if they can come over so i texted him back my address I hope I know what I'm doing. So we got back to the house Meghan was doing a vlog for her channel on youtube "mane I should have a channel on youtube" "you should" "I'll help you get on later and I will give you a shout out on my next video what should my first video be um you me and Meghan could do truth or dare then from there do a daily vlog and you might want to do videos with other youtubers ok that sounds easy I'll start tomarrow then a door bell ring I ran to the door and waited a few seconds then opened it I stared into his beautiful blue eyes I froze we stood there till David came to see who was at the door hi I'm niall I'm in your brothers band. Come in where's the rest of the boys" I asked "there coming we had to take different cars not a minute later the door bell this time Meghan answered the door and 4 people stepped in the room zayn gave me a hug and intuduced them "this is Harry, Liam, Louis, and niall I waved to them and said hi I hope I can gain his trust again.

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