He left me-on hold:(

Kat Malik is the sister of zayn Malik but he left her alone and left her a messy note what will happen when he sees her again and does not remember her and will she fall for his best mate* a new chapter every other day


1. about charecter

About charecter.

Kathryn jenn Malik

Hi my name is cat short for Kathryn Malik. Yes I know zayn Malik's sister. We don't talk anymore he left me. He was my guardian. but he went to X factor and told me with a note. my friend Meghan's parents said they would take me since zayn has not been back since. I'm 17 me, Meghan, and David live together now so we are a family. Meghan and David do videos on youtube, Meghan's account is strawburry17 and David's is dayviideo. My mom passed away in a car crash when I was young. I was in the car crash but I was ok. My dad had a stroke when I was 15. So now me, Meghan, and David live together and we care for each other.

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