That Direction

How exactly do we pick our favorite boys in boy bands? Its weird, if you think about it. We just point at a face on the album cover and say that one is mine. With no real claim, having never met the boy, we choose. And then we fall in love. And then we obsess.

We thought we were getting too old for One Direction, but still we shamelessly listened to their albums and bought tickets for their tour we simply could not afford.

I don't know if I believe in fate, or true love, or any of the other crap that is written about in my favorite novels. They said we had a one in a million chance of meeting them, and a one in a billion chance of them falling for us. But I guess, sometimes, you just get lucky.


7. Chapter Seven

“Kayla,” his voice sounds amazing, even in a dream, and t I can feel the dream drifting away as I wake up.  I cling on as long as I can as his hands go to the skin on my back and push the fabric of my tank top up my back and then his lips are brushing against my lower back.


“Kayla, wake up,” his voice is clearer and I am momentarily confused until I open my eyes and see that I am definitely not in my room.  I sit up suddenly, pushing my torso up so that I am propped up on my elbows.  I look down at my chest, happy to find that I am still in fact in my tank top and that obviously I was not dreaming that blissful way of waking up.


“Good morning,” Liam chuckles and kisses my cheek as I fall back onto the ridiculously comfortable pillows.


“What time is it?” I groan, shoving my face into the pillow, which muffles my voice.  He can obviously understand me though because he chuckles, his hand still tracing odd patterns on the exposed skin of my lower back, and informs me that it is nearly eleven.  “Holy shit, I haven’t slept in this late in at least a year and a half.”


“Really?” he asks.  I nod into the pillow, earning another laugh from him, and sigh.


“So explain to me the reason I am waking up in your bed?” I ask, flipping onto my back and stretching my arms as high above my head as they will go.  I stare at Liam as he looks up and down my body, slowly, before finally landing his gaze on my face.  I am smiling at him and he shrugs.


“You fell asleep during the movie, swore you weren’t asleep when it was over and then fell back to sleep while Andy and I played more FIFA,” he explains quickly.  “And you didn’t wake up when I carried you from the couch to the bed.  Although you did talk in your sleep.”


“Excuse me?” I have not talked in my sleep in years, why does that fun little trick pick now to come back to life?  Liam is shaking his head and laughing while I try and decide if he is lying.  “I did not.”


“You did so.”


“Well then what did I say?”


“I am not telling you!” he laughs.  His hand runs down over my hair, pushing my bangs off of my face while he laughs at me.  “That would take away all the fun.”  His hand stops at my shoulder and he looks at me for a second before he leans down and kisses me. 


His lips are so gentle against mine, almost like he is trying not to break me as our lips move over each others, our tongues brushing against one another slowly even though my body is basically begging me to get more.


I turn my head to the side, stopping this madness before I allow it to go too far too fast, and find that he is hovering on top of me.  His hands are on either side of my head and even in this darkness I can see how dilated his eyes are.  I plaster on the sweetest smile I can muster and exhale as I try to keep my hormones at bay.


He starts kissing my jawline and then down my neck, bringing my focus away from being good and right back to him.  He adjusts his knee so that it is pushing up between my legs, creating friction that I just cannot handle.


I roll out from under him and nearly fall off the bed.  He watches me, clearly aroused and amused at the same time as I back up towards the bathroom.  I can feel my teeth cutting into the flesh of my lower lip and I know how indecisive I must look to him but I cannot stop this without creating some distance between my body and his.


I shut the door of the bathroom behind me and take a long steady breath.  My mind is racing, my heart is going to beat out of my chest, and my entire body is tingling with anticipation for what was about to go down in that bed.  I try to think of an excuse that isn’t “I don’t have the discipline to not sleep with you so I need to go.”  Fuck I am so horny.  I run my hands through my tangled hair and look at my reflection in the mirror, a reflection that screams fuck me.  My hair is tangled and a mess around my face, my chest is basically spilling over the top of my tank top and the thin fabric is bunched up, exposing my lower stomach and hips.


I exhale, roll my eyes at myself as I try to adjust my tank top, and walk back into the bedroom.  Liam is no longer in the bed, but the closet door is open.  He steps out of the doors a second later and throws a white shirt at me.


“You need to put this on,” he says, his eyes focusing on my exposed chest to explain.  I quickly struggle with the t-shirt and throw it over my head, successfully hiding my cleavage from his over eager stare down.


“Better,” he exhales and then crosses the room and places his hands on my hips before pressing his lips to mine again.  “Now, don’t you have class?”


“I guess it is Monday,” I groan.  The last thing I want to do is go sit in the class full of annoying girls drooling over our professor.  Liam grabs his keys, runs a worked up hand through his hair and together we get into the elevator.


When I get into the classroom I am very obviously late and just smile as I walk past Will.  Mariah is glaring at me as I take my seat but I just smile at her too, I already know what she is thinking and what she is going to say.


“You dirty slut,” she whispers.  “Did you sleep with him?”

“In the physical sense, yes,” I say truthfully.  Her eyes go wide but I stop her before she starts rolling off more insults.  “Sexually, no.  I fell asleep while him and Andy were playing FIFA and he just put me to bed.”  Mariah is still glaring at me, her eyes little slits as she decides whether she believes me or not.


“Good girl,” she finally says.  “So you got to meet Andy already?  That’s serious.  Does the best friend approve?”


“Funny story, actually,” I laugh even though it really isn’t all too funny of a story. ”\ “So remember the night I was all brave and walked up to the hot guy at the bar?”  Mariah nods her head skeptically; obviously she has no idea where I am going with this.  “Well he looked so familiar and that’s because that Andy was Andy.”


“No it was not?” Mariah’s jaw drops into a huge smile.  “Did he recognize you?”


“Yes!”  I nearly screech and everyone in the class turns to look at Mariah and I.  “Sorry,” they all turn back around, Will glaring at the two of us for a second before resuming his all–so–important lecture.  “Liam was laughing, I think that’s the worst part.  And it wasn’t awkward for either of them, it was just kind of the punch line all night.”


“As I am sure it will be every single time you and Andy are in the same room,” she chuckles, earning another stare down from Will at the head of the classroom.




“Yes grandma, Kevin is helping me work on a new ad for the paper and I am doing the schedule for next week tonight,” Nadia is talking on the phone when Mariah, Ella and I all walk into the bakery after class.  She finishes talking to her grandmother while she makes us all coffee’s and then takes a seat at the same table we always sit at with us.


“Who’s Kevin?” I ask, genuinely interested because Nadia smiled slightly when she said his name.


“Oh no,” Nadia laughs as she scrolls through something on her phone.  “Me first.”


A few seconds later she turns the phone to Mariah and Mariah scans whatever Nadia is showing her quickly before smiling wickedly.  Then Nadia hands the phone to me and I am greeted with one of the hundred or so articles detailing my, technically speaking, first date with Liam Payne.  I can feel my cheeks heat up and a guilty grin spread across my lips.


“I KNEW IT!” Ella shrieks, actually making Mariah, Nadia and I jump out of our seats a little.  “I am so freaking glad you asked because it was killing me!  Yesterday Mariah said she had met a new boy and then I saw the pictures; actually let me show you, of Liam’s new girlfriend sneaking into his apartment with him.  Not to mention the screaming fans right down the block from me.”


“So that is you, correct?” Nadia asks, taking her phone back while Ella starts pulling up a bunch of different photos.  A few are of Liam and I at the boat show, walking in and out of the restaurant, and then a few of him and I walking into his apartment building.  I hadn’t even known there were cameras around for half of these photos!


“Yes,” I whisper.  “Can we keep it down though?”


“Because so many people are listening into our conversation,” Nadia says loudly, motioning in a large circle around the completely empty and silent bakery.  At that exact moment the bell above the door rings and Grandma Meryl walk in slowly, shivering from the cold.  “Who would I tell anyway,” Nadia continues.  “Grandma?  Guess what?  Kayla here is dating Liam Payne.”




“Oh that’s nice dear, I do hope he treats you right,” Grandma Meryl says before walking behind the counter, opening the cash drawer, and finally going into the mysterious back room.


“See,” Nadia rolls her eyes at me.  “You guys are basically my only friends, and my family literally has no idea who One Direction even is.  Well maybe my cousin Josh does.”


“I kind of like being in on this giant, international secret,” Ella squeals excitedly, clapping her hands and bouncing in her seat.  I roll my eyes but feel an overwhelming sense of butterflies in my stomach.  International Secret, I couldn’t have come up with a better code name for what is happening in my love life and the name makes me giggle like a little girl.


“You like him,” Mariah teases, poking me in the side and all the girls laugh as I squirm, my cheeks probably turning a deep shade of pink.




“She’s in her bedroom,” I hear Mariah say.  I look up over the top of my laptop screen and through my black-rimmed glasses to see Liam open my bedroom door.  He smiles as he walks right over me and then kisses my temple as he takes a seat next to me. 

“What are you writing?” he asks as I continue finishing the paragraph I was working on.  When I write I either have it or I don’t and when I have it I cannot be interrupted.  Even if the cause of the interruption has his hands on my lower back in an extremely distracting way.


I close my laptop once I finish my sentence and turn to face him.  I hide his smile by placing my lips on his, hoping that will distract him from the question posed.


“What were you writing?” he asks when our lips part.  I roll my eyes, of course he wouldn’t be distracted.


“A story I am working on,” I shrug hoping that he will get the hint that it is no big deal.  There is no reason I need him wanting to read the inner workings of my mind through my creative writing.  No need at all.


There is also no reason for him to know that I write fan fiction…about him and his friends.


“Can I read it?” His eyes light up and he reaches for my laptop.  I push the device out of his reach and lay it down on the floor. “It must be good if you are hiding it.”  His grabs my arm as I push the laptop under the bed and pins me to the bed with one hand while he fishes for the laptop with his free hand.


“You are not reading it!” I yell at him, desperately trying to squirm out of his grip.

“Will you please stop fighting?”


“Will you let me go?” I glare up at him.  He has stopped going for my laptop, deciding that me squirming beneath him is more exciting than whatever is typed and saved on my laptop.




“Then no,” I stick my tongue out at him.  His hands grip my sides and I nearly buck him off of me as my hips move involuntarily at the tickle on my sides.  Liam’s eyes light up again and I know I have unleashed a beast.


“You are ticklish?” I shake my head no, perhaps to enthusiastically as I bite my bottom lip between my teeth.  I know what comes next and as Liam’s smile widens I think I have myself prepared for the torture my sides and lungs are about to go through.


“LIAM!” I am panting; he is relentless.  He holds tight, pressing my hips down so that I cannot buck him off as I desperately try to get away from his hands on my sides. 

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