1. Introduction

                                                              CHAPTER 1 


"Kylie, promise to take care of yourself, no fooling around with boys understand?" said my Dad,Bruce Jenner. He kissed my forehead and went in for a hug. I put my arms around him and hugged him. My sister Kendall,was in Paris for modelling and wasn't here to say goodbye along with everyone else who was busy with something else. I'm not into the whole celebrity lifestyle..I just want to have a normal life. Thats why I'm being sent to boarding school on Pebble Beach, in California. Over there, everyone is pretty much Elite, so I shouldn't really have trouble fitting in. "Bye Dad, see you in Thailand in two months okay?" I said squeezing him tight into the hug and got onto the private jet. We waved goodbye as he walked away. I sat down on the comfy leather seat and leant back fastening my seatbelt. "Ready to go,Kylie?" The pilot said while the two air hostesses closed the airplane door. I nodded. This is it, I'm finally going to be a little bit normal now. I put my earphones in and snoozed off. 

I was woken up an hour and half later. "We've landed. Your dad told us your car is just outside the terminal" said the smiley air hostess. "My car? I dont have car...Oh wait,what?" I thought. She handed me a pair of Mercedes keys. I jumped up quick, picked up my suitcase and rushed outside the terminal. I see a matte black Mercedes-Benz SUV. I rush over to the car and find a note saying:

Have fun Kylie, I love you.



I put my suitcase in the boot,closed the boot admiring the car and running my fingers around it. I get in and switch the GPS on to Pebble Beach. I started the engine. "This really is the start of something new" I say.

I drove up to the school, seeing everyone else's parents drop them made me a bit sad, but everything happens for a reason? Right? I see another boy, drive up to the spot beside me but he's kinda cute, blonde and tall with the messy rock band look. I get out and open the boot for my suitcase. I struggle to pull it out and make a few tries. "Ill help you with that." He said in a husky Australian accent. "You do it like this." He went behind me and put his arm around me, his chest slightly touching my back, picking up the suitcase above me and putting it down onto the pavement of the busy parking lot of Pebble Beach private school. "Luke. Luke Hemmings." He said grinning at me. "Kylie. Kylie Jenner" I smiled as we awkwardly looked at each other. After a few seconds of just staring at each other he broke the silence and said

"So which house are you in?" 

"I'm in House 4." I replied. 

"Same! Well the guys part obviously..You're new right?"

I nodded. "Yeah,obviously, I would notice a pretty girl like you around here." he smirked.

"So can I take you there? Show you around?" He said.


I closed the boot of my car and locked it with the key with a click of a button. I started to roll my suitcase following Luke. He smelt nice, I could recognise the Abercrombie Fierce cologne. I kept walking and walking which seemed like forever with him until we finally arrived to House 4. "Can I take your bag upstairs to your room? Top floor is the girls, and the bottom floor is the guys, but obviously the garden is shared. You check the list here for your room." He said pointing at the book. I checked for my name. 

Kylie Jenner , Aubrey Archibald and Rozalie Tribett- Room 12.

Luke looked at the list and pulled his lips apart as if he's been hurt, "Ouch, Aubrey,Good luck with that." I replied giggling. "Thanks. I hope I will." He carried my suitcase all the way up the stairs to the top floor and took me to my room. The stairs were creaky and made of cherry wood. "Well thanks for helping me,Luke" I said smiling at him shyly. 

"No problem,we should definitely hang out tonight. Go to the beach?" he said

"Sure." I said as I went in for a hug feeling his warm chest and heartbeat, the door opened and a girl just froze. We pulled away. "Aubrey." he gave the girl a disapproving look and disgusted face.

"Bye Luke. Pick me up at 6" I said as I walked into the room rolling my suitcase and found my bed with a view of the beach. I admired the view and started unpacking. I checked my watch and it was already 4:45. I set up pictures of me and Kendall when we were younger on the wall as Aubrey stared at me with a cold unwelcoming vibe. "Lets get one thing straight,Kylie. I'm not your friend, I am not any of you guys' friend." I looked at Rozalie, as if to say what the fuck? I just stood up,not even thinking, walked over to Aubrey and straight out said "Trust me,honey, I pick my own friends, and FYI,I wouldn't even think of picking you." Aubrey looked in shock and just went back to typing on her laptop. I felt proud of myself at that moment. I continued unpacking and as I finished it was 5:45 and an hour had passed. "Shit. I have 15 minutes to get ready." I quickly changed into a black beach dress and put on some flip flops and paired it with a red flannel. I brushed my fingers through my hair and waited.

and waited. 

and waited until it was finally 6'o clock I heard a knock on the door and I went to go get it.  

"Hey Kylie." He said.

He had changed, into a white polo shirt and shorts. He looked extremely handsome and had the same messy hair. We headed down to the beach and talked for hours it felt until it became dark. I had developed feelings for Luke, but much too soon to take any action of them. He walked me to my door and we were still laughing about falling into the sand so many times. "Okay Kylie, Goodnight." He smiled and kissed my cheek and went in for a hug. He moved his hands lower to my butt but only rested them there. I usually get quite creeped out by that but hes cute. I rested my head on his shoulder. "See you tomorrow" I said and quietly went into my room. I expected it to be quiet and everyone kind of tired seeing it was 12pm. But no. Aubrey had to have like 3 guys over, and Rozalie was in her boyfriends room. The 3 guys checked me out and you could see the jealousy on Aubreys face. I smirked at her and went straight to my phone. I got a text from Luke.

"I miss you already." 

I replied, "I miss you too." 

I got another text back,quite quick.  "Come to my room, everyones out. Lets watch a movie?" 

I thought, Is that an offer I can refuse? I headed out the door and Aubrey shouted "Where are you going?" I replied. "As if it was any of your business?" 

I walked down to Luke's room and knocked on the door. He answered the door and he'd already set up the couch with fairy lights and popcorn while his laptop was on the table. I sat down on the couch after he'd sat down and he put the blanket around us. I'd never felt this much of a connection in less then 24 hours. He snuggled closer to me and I could feel him breathing. He took my hand and held it interlocking his fingers with mine, I put my head on his shoulder and fell asleep.


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