This will be a random collection of thoughts and random quotes. Things are about to get creepy
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3. ?!?!?!?!?

So guys if you are going to the WWA concert in New Orleans do we have a special poster or something??? I was reading a authors not on Daydreamer z.m they said Huston has a special poster so does New Orleans??? I need to know! If your going then tell me where your sitting. I think that that'll be cool. But I need answers help me!!!! You guys know I need it if you've read the last 2 chapters. Put #HelpCrazyGurl in the comments if you know if you don't the I still love you (screw you).

Thanks for even reading (I really don't care). You go Glen Coco

💞Love you crazy mofos (love is a strong word..)💞

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