This will be a random collection of thoughts and random quotes. Things are about to get creepy
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24. Sims & Mean Girls

Is it bad that in sims I usually make my person as big as I can get them then ruin their lives *ahem* I mean get them pregnant ( "if you don't use protection you will get pregnant and you will die. Everybody take some rubbers" ~mean girls). Them I starve them to death and they die and I start over again....

Is it bad that I also sometimes make my sim look exactly like Lindsey whatever her last name is. Yeah I've watched mean girls to many time ( NEVER watching it is too many times ). But I honestly don't know why I still talk about mean girls I mean it was make in like 2004 it been 10 years. Everyone has moved on... You can tell Lindsey what's her last name moved on. So why can't I???

So I guess this chapter was about mean girls and sims so yeah...

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