This will be a random collection of thoughts and random quotes. Things are about to get creepy
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12. Haylor

Like WTF?!??!?!?!? I can't deal with this!!!! My gosh this is soooo confusing!!!!!!! Like is Haylor back together?!?!?!?!? I hope not!!!!!!!!!! Why would Harry get back together with her. Don't get me wrong I love Taylor's music ( I don't) and all but she broke MY Hazza's heart. Like WTF?!?!? Ugh!!!

Like I need help ( tell me something I don't know ). Like I'm in the process of turning into the girl from the fuggin grudge. Gosh!!! Please guys help a sista out ( you have fun with that ). Like clarify to me weather that is just a rumor or what? Or maybe you want Haylor to get back together ( stop reading RIGHT NOW if you do ). If so kool beans! Just tell me watcha think 😋

Bey from Gruge Gurl (yeah it already happening)

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