One Direction go my Direction

This story is about a girl who is totally obssessed with One Direction,or as I like to say dedicated as thinks about them any chance she gets.She goes out for a walk and suddenly runs into the five boys she always dreamt of meeting.


1. The life of a dedicated Directioner

Enjoying another boring Saturday in my room alone listening to One Direction's "Little things" on my Ipod. I love One Direction.I'm a total fangirl over them.I have over 20 posters of them hanging in my room,I listen to all of their songs everyday,and I fantasize what It would be like to meet them.I am a true Directioner. My sister says I'm obsessive but I just say i'm 1Dsessive. They mean two different things.What else would a fifteen year old want more than to swoon over a total-hot boy band.I decide to go for a walk.A little fresh air will do me good instead of being inside all day thinking of fantasies that will never come true. "Mom!" I yell from the living room. "I'm going for a walk.bye." shutting the door before I hear my moms response. It's so quiet outside in the fall unlike in the summer when everyone's out.In the fall it's like everyone hides away, and doesn't come out of there houses until the summer when they see the sun come out.I get to the corner of the street and suddenly run into five hot boys.

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