One Direction go my Direction

This story is about a girl who is totally obssessed with One Direction,or as I like to say dedicated as thinks about them any chance she gets.She goes out for a walk and suddenly runs into the five boys she always dreamt of meeting.


2. Our Moment

 I stumble to the ground. "I'm so sorry Love. Are you alright? " the curly haired boy cheekily says pulling me up. "U...umm yeah I'm fine." I say  "Whats your name?" he asks. "I..I'm Scarlett." I mumble.  "And were One Direction." the five boys say in unison.  "Yeah I know who you guys are." I said blushing, noticing  that Niall is staring at me.

"Oh you do do you?" Louis said with a smirk. "Yeah." I replied "I listen to all of your songs, and I know almost everything about you not to sound crazy." blushing even more. "  "Ask me were my favorite place to eat is then." Niall finally speaks in his Irish accent. "Oh that's easy." I said  "Nandos." "Correct." He said with a grin  "What do  I have a fear of? " Liam asked  "Spoons." I said confidently. "Your right again." Liam replied. Louis speaks up, interupting the conversation. "Ok guys, lets leave this poor lad alone with all the questions. I'm sure she doesn't want to be bumbarded with all these questions." "It's ok. " I said  "I don't mind." 

"Oh guys."Zayn said looking at his phone. "We have to go now.Are interviews in 15 minutes."  "Oh well I guess we'll see you around Scarlett." Liam said  "Bye." They say one at a time except for Niall who gives me a hug. "Bye," I say to them.  "Aww." I heard Liam say as they walk away. "Our Nialler has a little crush."  I see Niall start to blush. They all start poking him playfully.

I even start to blush, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks.I  doubt  that Someone like Niall would have a crush on me. Oh my god.The thought finally hits me that I just met One Direction and had a normal conversation with them!!I can't believe I didn't scream out loud but this time in my head. I must be the luckiest girl on earth.

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