Why Me?

Elena Robertson is just a girl that wonders why her life had to be this way, she lives with her dad who is never there for her and she has a boyfriend that is abusive when her dad is out of town. Elena is ready to give up but she runs into five boys who change her mind and that gives her something to fight for. She becomes friend with them but one of them thinks of her as more than a friend.

Which of the boys will fall for her?

Will she fall for that one boy?

Will her life get better?

Will she learn to trust them?

You know what they say life is what you make it! But will Elena learn that? Read the book to find out!


7. 7.

~~“Wake up babe. I’m going to leave and go to Starbucks without you if you don’t hurry up and get dressed.” I heard Niall say then felt him sit on the bed beside me. I sat up rubbing my eyes.
“You’re actually going to feed my addiction?” I asked jokingly yawning. He chuckled nodding then pecked my lips.
“Are you coming or what?” he asked standing up pulling the covers off of me. I pouted, “What?” he asked sitting beside me.
“I want my cover back, I’m cold.” I chuckled. He just shook his head smiling.
“I’m fixing to go babe. Are you coming?”
“Yes. Let me get dressed.” I said getting up and walking to my closet. “I’ll be down in a few minutes.” I chuckled as he watched me with his arms crossed. I tossed my clothes on my bed along with my shoes then pushed him by his chest to the door. “Out of here you go.” I kiss his cheek and he chuckled walking out.
I changed into black shorts, my hot pink tank top with a simple black low-cut shirt. After fixing my natural looking makeup I slipped on my pink high tops and my snapback that he bought me. I walked down to the living room to see Niall with his back turned to me while he laughed with the boys. I snaked my arms around his waist from behind and pecked a kiss on his neck. “Ready?” I asked hugging him.
“Yeah.” He said turning around hugging me tightly. “C’mon gorgeous.” He smiled pecking my lips as we walked out the door.
We got to Starbucks and ordered before sitting at a two seated table. I sat beside him at the window holding his hand. As we drank our drinks we talked about the tour finally. After getting that conversation over with a little girl around six ran up to Niall and latched onto him with a hug. He kindly returned the hug noticing she was a fan. Her mum was standing at the door talking when she noticed her then walked up.
“I’m so sorry. Emily I told you not to bother them.” The little girls mum said with a polite smile.
“But mummy it’s Niall Horan!” Emily whined in the cutest way possible.
“It’s no trouble.” Niall smiled looking at the little girl with a glint in his bright blue eyes. He picked her up and sat her on his lap as I told the mum to pull up a seat. “I like your shirt.” He said tickling the little girls tummy. Her shirt had an old picture of Niall when him and the boys had just became a hit on the X-Factor.
“You’re my favorite.” She giggled hugging his neck tightly then looked at me. “Elena I really like you, you make Niall smile.” She said and Niall looked at me grinning.
“Thank you sweetheart.” I smiled and rubbed her back.
“Sorry, she has a thing about the two of you. She even has a picture of the two of you on her wall. She just really likes you both.” Her mum chuckled.
“Awe. That’s so cute.” I said then she crawled from Niall’s lap onto mine.
I held the little girl while Niall talked to her and I talked to her mum. Niall kept staring at me with a smile. “So, are you and Niall thinking of settling down anytime soon?” Emily’s mum asked. I chuckled and looked at Niall for him to answer.
“Honestly, yes.” He chuckled nervously then looked from me to Emily. She grabbed his hand and held it.
“I think you two should get married.” Emily said and I couldn’t help but giggle a little when she hugged my neck and cuddled up to me. I held her tight.
“Emily, that’s none of your business.” Her mum said then apologized.
“It’s okay. No worries.” Niall chuckled then kissed Emily’s cheek.
After talking for an hour with her and her mum we left. We went back to the flat to see that the boys were gone, Niall looked at his phone. He cursed under his breath and pecked my lips, “I’m late for a meeting. The boys have been trying to call.” He sighed and walked to the door. “I’ll be back soon.” He said leaving.
I took a hot shower and changed into comfortable sweat pants and a hoodie. While watching called Eleanor and talked with her for a while. She was waiting for Louis to call her after the meeting so we got off after almost two hours.
It was around six o’clock when the boys came in joking around. I was laying in my bed watching TV and eating some ice-cream. When Niall knocked then came in. “Yay! You’re back.” I said as he sat beside me and kissed my cheek.
“I want some.” He said looking at the ice-cream. I chuckled and handed him an extra spoon that I brought in my room just in-case. “Awe you know me so well.” He said smiling and eating a bite.
“Of course I do my dear.” I smiled and pecked his lips. “You still want to watch that movie with me?” I asked looking at the TV as it came on.
“Yeah babe.” He said wrapping his arms around me and held me close.
After watching the movie it was eight o’clock. I was cuddled up to his chest when he spoke after kissing my forehead. “Would you want to move into my room?” he asked scratching the back of his neck.
I nod, “Yeah. As long as I get closet space.” I said and he chuckled.
“Well I’ll tell you what. If you move into my room then I’ll move my snapbacks and shoes out of one side and you can have that side. But you do know me and the boys have our own houses, right?” he laughed a little.
“Then why do you all stay in this flat?” I asked curiously and held his hand looking at him. He shrugged with a chuckle.
“I don’t know, we just like hanging out. This is actually Louis’ flat. We just hang out a lot so it’s like we live together.” I smiled hearing him explain. You know that moment when you know absolutely nothing could be more perfect than that particular moment? Well to me this was perfect. “So would you move into my flat with me? You can have your own closet.” He said trying to persuade me and I chuckled.
I hugged my arms around his neck, “You’re such a mess.” I said jokingly.
“Yeah, but you love me.” He grinned and I nodded. “So is that a yes?” he hugged back rubbing my back and I simply nodded again.

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