Why Me?

Elena Robertson is just a girl that wonders why her life had to be this way, she lives with her dad who is never there for her and she has a boyfriend that is abusive when her dad is out of town. Elena is ready to give up but she runs into five boys who change her mind and that gives her something to fight for. She becomes friend with them but one of them thinks of her as more than a friend.

Which of the boys will fall for her?

Will she fall for that one boy?

Will her life get better?

Will she learn to trust them?

You know what they say life is what you make it! But will Elena learn that? Read the book to find out!


6. 6.

~~It’s been days since Niall has mentioned the tour, or should I say he hasn’t mentioned it to me.
He’s currently out with the boys so I called the girls and we decided to go shopping. Eleanor was trying on a dress that she was thinking about getting to wear on a date with Louis for their anniversary. Perrie was sitting on the bench with her phone out no doubt she was texting Zayn. Sophia was tossing me outfits telling me I should try them on, but I just chuckled.
“Okay ladies. How does this one look?” El said walking out the dressing room wearing a royal blue dress that was a little above her knee with a pretty white bow on the waist. It was most defiantly pretty on her.
“Love it!” Perrie said looking up at her with a smile.
“I think it looks amazing on you El.” I said giving her a smile and a thumbs up.
“Perfect!” Sophia said then tossed her a pair of white keds. “Those would look so cute with it.” She smiled snapping her fingers dramatically. El just chuckled holding the shoes and walked in the dressing room to change back into her normal clothes so she could go pay for the dress and shoes.
We went to Starbucks after we each bought an outfit. I ordered my usual white chocolate mocha while the girls ordered theirs. We sat at a table and got to talking about the boys.
“Zayn finally set a date to go get fitted for his tux for the wedding. I cannot wait to see him in it.” Perrie grinned sipping on her drink. Me and the girls laughed a little at her happy dance then she busted out laughing.
“Elena how’s life as Nialler’s princess?” El asked with a kind smile. I shrugged and smiled back. “Come on give us the details.” She whined and I laughed.
“What details would that be?” I asked looking at her holding back a grin.
“Um, about your relationship. Duh.” She said in a playful tone. I shook my head and drank a sip of my drink,
“There’s not much to tell. We’re great.” I said simply. I was never one to really get into that much girl talk, I just preferred to keep my relationships between me and the guy I was with.
“Oh you’re no fun.” Sophia said jokingly of course. “Liam said you’re all Niall talks about. He’s not too keen on going on tour and leaving you for three months.” She said sympathetically. I just nod; I really didn’t feel like talking about the tour that was coming up rather too quickly.
“Well you will still have us to hang out with babe.” Sophia said and hugged me. “We can all have a sleep over and talk about them.” She said jokingly trying to get me to smile. It worked I chuckled nodding.
“We sure can.” I smiled.
We sat there talking while we finished our drinks then went to shop some more. We were walking in a shop when out of nowhere someone grabbed me from behind and kissed my cheek. I screamed and was fixing to punch the person until I realized it was Niall when the boys started laughing. I hit his chest “Niall James Horan! You scared me to death.” I said and he chuckled hugging me tightly.
“Awe babe I’m sorry. I was just playing around. I couldn’t help it.” He kissed my forehead keeping one of his arms around my waist as we went back to walking.
“You boys were supposed to be hanging out.” Sophia said.
“We were, in here. Then Perrie mentioned you all were in this shop so we walked across the street to surprise you.” Liam said holding her hand.
“Niall, you about caused Elena to pee in her pants.” Louis laughed. I shot him a playful glare.
“If he wouldn’t have scared me then I wouldn’t have almost peed.” I chuckled taking Niall’s snapback and putting it on smiling. I was happy to see him considering he left with the boys early this morning before I was awake. He made up for not saying goodbye by leaving a really cute note on the counter. “I got your note this morning.” I said kissing his cheek.
“Oh, yeah? You liked it?” he asked smiling a little. I nod and grin. “Good so you don’t want this then right?” he said handing me a snapback with my initials on it. It was black with hot pink and white writing. He grinned seeing my eyes light up.
“You didn’t have to do this.” I said looking up at him. He pulled another black one out but it had his initials written in green and white on it.
“I got us both one.” He smiled and pecked my lips. He took the one he had on before and put it in the bag the others came in then put on his new one. I put mine on and smiled hugging him.
“The two of you are adorable.” El squealed taking a picture. “That’s going on twitter!” she said looking at her phone. I shook my head laughing.
“Niall, like you didn’t have enough snapbacks.” Zayn said laughing. Niall stuck his tongue out at him then laughed.
“I thought you were going to get her a necklace but I got to admit matching hats suite the two of you.” Harry nodded and patted Niall on the back.
For the remainder of the day we all hung out at different shops then we all went home. Me and all the boys got home. I went to my room and fell back on my bed tiredly. Niall walked in and was looking down at me.
“Tired are we?” he asked with a chuckle.
“Yes. Shopping takes a lot out of ya.” I said honestly. I was so tired and my feet hurt from the shoes Sophia told me to wear today.
“Alright darling. You get some sleep and I see you in the morning.” He said leaning down and pecking my lips. “Love you beautiful.” He said walking to the door.
“I love you too.” I said just before he walked out with a smile. Within the amount of time it took me to shower, change and get into bed I wa0s out like a light.

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