Why Me?

Elena Robertson is just a girl that wonders why her life had to be this way, she lives with her dad who is never there for her and she has a boyfriend that is abusive when her dad is out of town. Elena is ready to give up but she runs into five boys who change her mind and that gives her something to fight for. She becomes friend with them but one of them thinks of her as more than a friend.

Which of the boys will fall for her?

Will she fall for that one boy?

Will her life get better?

Will she learn to trust them?

You know what they say life is what you make it! But will Elena learn that? Read the book to find out!


20. 20.

~~A month went by and Niall had asked Eleanor to stay with me so me and her were shopping. We were in a small shop looking at baby clothes when Niall called me. "Hey stranger." I said with a smile.
"Hello beautiful. Miss me?"
"Nope Eleanor has replaced you my dear." I said jokingly.
"Oh she has has she? I might need to come home early then." I heard him chuckle.
"Nah you know you can't be replaced. I wish you could come home early though, that would be amazing."
"I do too babe. So how are you and my little man?"
"Great. Other than the slight mood swings and him kicking quite frequently. How are you?" I chuckled.
"That's good, I'm happy to hear that. And I'm just a little tired." I heard him yawn.
"I hear that. How's the tour going?"
"It's great. We've had some seriously sick crowds!" he said happily which made me smile.
"I'm glad. Shouldn't you be getting some sleep?"
"Yeah, I just couldn't sleep without talking to you. I guess I'll go to bed now. I love you and little man. I'll call or text tomorrow."
"Okay and we love you too." I said smiling then we both hung up.
I looked at some little outfits for the baby and bought them. El was looking at 'My Aunt Is Better Than Yours' shirts with matching pants. I chuckled seeing her holding five different outfits with sayings about Aunts on them. "Someone is excited about being an aunt."
"You bet I am. Babies are so cute! I can't wait until you have him." she said paying for them.
"Let's go get something to eat aunt El." I smile and she smiled back nodding.
We went and got something to eat.
I was beyond ready for Niall to get home. Between planning our wedding and getting things for the baby I’m running out of distractions. I can’t work right now so that’s out as well, I guess I’m just going to have to watch movies to get my mind off of the fact that I haven’t seen him in almost three months. By the time Niall gets home it’ll be time to have our little man.
Me and Eleanor were eating as she gushed about the little outfits she bought her nephew, I couldn’t help but chuckle listening to her.
“Louis said Niall is getting excited about coming home, he misses you and the little guy. Speaking of my awesome new little nephew what are you thinking about naming him?” she asked smiling.
“Don’t tell Niall yet but I was thinking about Luke James.” I said smiling excitedly.
“Awe that is so cute! I bet Niall will love that too, using his middle name as his son’s that’s so sweet.” She said and I nodded.
“I thought it was a cute name, I just hope Niall likes it as well.” I said honestly and she nodded in understanding.
“I can’t wait to meet Luke.” She said excitedly.
“Me neither.” I said chuckling at her excitement.
We soon finished eating then went back to Niall and I flat. I started putting the new outfits in the dresser and closet since I had nothing else to do, it isn’t like the flat is dirty because it’s just me and El here as of right now.

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