Why Me?

Elena Robertson is just a girl that wonders why her life had to be this way, she lives with her dad who is never there for her and she has a boyfriend that is abusive when her dad is out of town. Elena is ready to give up but she runs into five boys who change her mind and that gives her something to fight for. She becomes friend with them but one of them thinks of her as more than a friend.

Which of the boys will fall for her?

Will she fall for that one boy?

Will her life get better?

Will she learn to trust them?

You know what they say life is what you make it! But will Elena learn that? Read the book to find out!


17. 17.

~~The next day; I was out shopping with Niall when my phone started ringing.
“Hello?” I answered not recognizing the number.
“Elena, this is Doctor Rebecca. I was calling about your blood test is this a bad time?” she said politely.
“No it’s okay. Is something wrong with the results?” I asked getting slightly worried. Why would the doctor call me instead of the nurse?
“No, not at all. I was just calling to tell you that the test showed that you’re pregnant.” She said and my mind went blank as I stayed silent. “Is everything alright Elena?” I heard her ask.
“Um, y-yeah. Thank you for calling and letting me know.” I said and hung up. I remained silent as Niall stared at me with concern glinting in his eyes.
“What did the test show?” he asked looking at me as I stopped walking. “Are you sick?” he asked another question.
“No, I’m not sick.” I said looking up at him. “I’m pregnant.” I added and his eyes grew wide. I couldn’t read his expressions at all, as if he wasn’t feeling any sort of emotion.
“Really?” he asked with a smile playing on his lips as I nod.
“Yeah, is that okay?” I asked with a smile on my lips.
“Yeah that’s fine. As long as I’m the dad.” He said jokingly. I punched his arm with a fake shocked expression.
“You’re an idiot!” I laughed walking away. He grabbed my hand and put his arm around my neck.
“Yeah but I’m your idiot and you love me.” He chuckled kissing my cheek.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I said messing with him. He shook his head with a smile.
“When do we get to see the little guy?” he asked and I shrug.
“How do you know it isn’t a little lady?” I asked with a laugh, he shrugged.
“I don’t know what to call the kid yet.” He chuckled ruffling his hair with his free hand.
“I was kidding with you Niall.” I said kissing his cheek.
We shopped a little more then we went back to the flat. When we got to the flat I called and set up an appointment for when I’m ten weeks. After getting it all straight I hung up. “So when do we get to see the baby on the TV thing?” he asked and I laughed. “What?” he asked with a slight pout.
“It’s called an ultrasound and we’ll find out at the doctor’s appointment.” I said laying the phone on the coffee table.
“So I’m guessing that it’s a bad time to tell you that me and they boys are flying to New York for an interview, tomorrow night.” He rushed out and I looked at him raising my eyebrows. “I know I should’ve told you but Liam just text me and reminded me. I honestly forgot.” He said looking apologetic.
I sighed “It’s fine. How long are you guys going to be in the US?” I asked.
“Just for a day.” He answered and I nodded. “You going to be okay?” he asked and I nodded once again.
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” I giggled and he smiled. “Are you going to be okay?” I asked mockingly with a joking tone.
“I think I’ll manage.” He responded with a chuckle.
“Good.” I laughed and he shook his head smiling.
“Now don’t have any wild parties while I’m gone.” He said with a dead serious face, I held a straight face as I looked at him until we both started laughing at the same time.
 “Well I can’t drink so I really don’t think you have to worry about that.” I chuckled. “I have a doctor’s appointment in seven weeks so you need to take that day off.” I said seriously as he just nodded.
There is honestly no other way that I would have wanted my life to turn out. You might as well say I’ve gained four brothers; and three sisters since Niall has been in my life. Now in addition to them I’m starting a family with my soon to be husband, life couldn’t get much better than this. Granted I should’ve waited until after the wedding for us to start a family but I wouldn’t change a thing. Life is good.
Later that day we received a call from Louis and Eleanor, they’re now engaged as well. May I say it’s about time, to me they deserve all the happiness they can get with all the mess that they go through with some of the fans.
All the mess the boys and girls go through is really uncalled for; they’ve influenced so many fans in great ways. I’m more than happy to say I claim them as family.

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