Why Me?

Elena Robertson is just a girl that wonders why her life had to be this way, she lives with her dad who is never there for her and she has a boyfriend that is abusive when her dad is out of town. Elena is ready to give up but she runs into five boys who change her mind and that gives her something to fight for. She becomes friend with them but one of them thinks of her as more than a friend.

Which of the boys will fall for her?

Will she fall for that one boy?

Will her life get better?

Will she learn to trust them?

You know what they say life is what you make it! But will Elena learn that? Read the book to find out!


14. 14.

~~A few weeks went by and I went to the hospital to get the stitches checked. The doctor checked everything and said I was all healed up. We got in the car and waited for the boys who were getting a coffee.
"Elana, I promise to love, honor, respect, and protect you forever and always. Will you do me the honor of marrying me?" Niall asked after turning to face me. He pulled out a ring. I felt tears in my eyes and smiled.
"Yes." I stated and kissed him smiling, he kissed back. We pulled away and he put the ring on my finger, the boys got in not long after.
"Oh God, why are you crying? Is something wrong?" Louis asked panicking.
"No everything is just fine." I said hugging Niall tightly.
"We’re engaged.” Niall smiled and kissed my cheek. I smiled and sat back in my seat.
“About time!” Liam said sitting in the front seat. “The two of you have been through a lot together.” He said looking at us and we just nod while I just held his hand.
We soon got home I looked at my wrist as we sat on the couch, I felt someone get close to my ear "Come with me." I heard Niall whisper. I smiled as he held my hand and lead me to our room.
I smiled, "What are you going to do?" I wrapped my arms around his neck and he started to kiss me and pulled me closer and closer.
Later that night someone knocked on the door, "Are you two okay in there?" I heard Harry's voice ask through the door, I looked at Niall and laughed.
"Yeah!" Niall shouted then added "We're great!" I laughed as he chuckled and held me close.
"I'm coming in then!" Harry shouted.
"Harry I really wouldn't-" Harry walked in "do that" I finished as I was changing.
"Oh my God!" Harry shouted then Louis came in.
"Why are you guys staring in their room?" Liam asked as he closed his eyes and shut the door. I looked at Niall and he laughed.
"It's not funny!" I chuckled and finished getting changed.
"Babe?" Niall asked before kissing my neck, he stopped "Where are you going?" he asked.
I kissed his lips, "Since they just walked in on me changing I'm going to get some coffee, because I'm not going to hear the end of it." I chuckled. The door flung open good thing I was completely changed now, "Okay now this is just about ridicules Harry!" I stated grabbing the pillow off the bed and threw it at him. "Knock next time."
"I just came to say I hope you two are-ow!" Harry said as Liam grabbed his ear and shut the door. I threw Niall his shirt from off the dresser.
Me and Niall walked into the living room, I hit the back of Louis and Harry's head hard, "That's for walking in on me changing!" I stated and sat down. Niall sat beside me and held my hand.
"I really didn't want to see that." Louis said pointing at me
I looked at him, "Then why didn't you knock?" I chuckled.
"Because, I didn't know you were changing clothes." Louis laughed.
"It's her room too. So knock next time." Niall said.
"That's true. We need to start knocking since the two of you are getting married." Harry added.
“Yeah, you better start knocking. And maybe even living at your own flat.” I said jokingly with a laugh.

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