Breaking Rules

Jayde Robertson has just started her 8th new school and she thinks it's going to be the same as every other one, boring classes, horrible teachers and stuck up students. That is until she meets Niall Horan, is Jayde going to break her number 1 rule: don't get attached to anybody


7. Drawings

"Wow" I exclaimed when Niall drove up his driveway.

His house was huge, double story with a huge balcony surrounding the top story.

"Nice, hey" he said unbuckling his seatbelt and hopping out of the car. I did the same

"This is more than nice. It's... It's just wow" I said following him up to his front door

"Welcome to le casa Horan" he said holding the door open for me

I looked around the entry amazed, the walls were crisp white and everything looked so expensive

"My dad's a surgeon, both my parents have a taste for expensive stuff but I think it's stupid" Niall told me

"Wow" was all I could say

"Is that your favourite word or?" He asked

"No no it's just I've never seen a house as beautiful as this" I told him

"Alright, now come on" he said grabbing my arm an pulling me up the stairs. He pulled me into a room with a queen bed that was not made. The walls were white except for one which was painted with chalkboard paint and was full of drawings.

"And this is my room"

"This is amazing Niall, did you draw these?" I asked him running my hand on his chalkboard wall making sure not to touch the drawings.

"They're just doodles, they're not very good" he said sitting on the carpeted floor.

"Are you kidding me these are so good" I said walking over to him and sitting next to him. I looked over and saw his cheeks had gone a slighter shade red.

"So grab out your books Horan, we have a lot of work to do." I told him grabbing my books out of my backpack

"Horan?" He questioned me lifting up one of his eyebrows

"That's your name isn't it, now chop chop" I instructed him clapping my hands

"Yes Jayde" he said sarcastically grabbing out his books.

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