The Spark.

The Spark. Her favorite book. Talks about love and how love doesn't always agree with you fate . Though it may not agree with eachother but love and fate have a way of respecting eachother and letting things go the way they should. With love and fate working together. I got to say that the couple they are trying to keep happy must be pretty luck.
I hope one day I could make her that happy to the point where love and fate will work together.

Read the Spark to find out more. ����.


2. Suprise. 2

'' Harry . Harry wake up. The band got some great news. '' Niall and Liam said as they tried to wake up everyone.

'' What. '' I said as I rubbed my eyes for morning glory.

'' The crew and Simon are willing to pay for 2 of of the five boys friends to come and stay with us for a week. In Vegas while we record. '' Niall said and I wasn't really in the mood for this but I listened.

'' The whole crew took a tally and it turns out you and Zayn got it. Congrats. '' Liam said and I felt my whole body sprang up.

'' Let's wake up Zayn then mates. He probably wants to bring over his sister or something. '' I said and I hopped out my small bed on the by and then opened Zayns bunker right across from mine.

'' Zayn. Zayn. Wake up. '' Me Niall and Liam said as we poked and teased him before he woke up.

'' What mates. '' He said coldly but we brushed it off. He wasn't a morning person.

We explained the situation and Zayn was glad. He said he'd sleep and think about it and I know he'd think about it. I did the same but before I dozed off into sleep the last thing that came into my head was Alice.


Alice's Pov.

I was setting up the table for my best friends to get up so we can eat breakfast together. I had made a stack of pancakes , waffles , and grilled cheese. Soon after cooling the last waffle they both came running down stairs.

'' Morning ALs. What's cooking ? '' Kalyn said as she looked over and saw a waffle . She grabbed one and are it.

'' Yummy pancakes Ali. It taste great. '' Sparrow said right before the phone rang.

'' Who's it for . '' I said and Sparrow signaled it was for me so I stopped cooking and Sparrow took over.

'' Hello. '' I said into the phone as Waited for an answer.

'' Hey Ali. The crew picked me to bring someone from home over here in Vegas. '' I heard the Brit accent and knew it was Harry. I was happy he could see family . They are lucky.

'' I was going to bring my mum because I miss her but I spoke with her and skype her everyday . ''

'' So what's the problem Hazzah? ''

'' I asked my mom and she's fine about it and so is the crew so.... Would you come and be with me for a week in Vegas? '' He said it nervously as if I had better or more important plans than seeing my best friend

'' OF COURSE HAZZAH! I would love to come and see you . '' I said and I began to jump. I was so glad I'd be seeing my other bestfriend and his mates in Vegas.

'' Really?! '' He said happily and I nodded my head as if he was looking at me.

'' Yes! Let me just inform everyone and pack. I'll be at the LAX soon. '' I said and I turned to see Sparrow and Kalyn already eating.

'' So Ali who was that. You seemed very excited. '' Kalyn said as she poured syrup all over what seemed to be her second pancake but no hate.

'' It was Harry. Remember Harry from back home in London when we stayed at Sparrows Uncles house. Uncle Dal. '' I said and then they nodded there heads remembering Harry .

'' We'll he said that the whole management is willing to pay for me to fly out to Vegas. '' I said and they both dropped they're forks. .

I explained and cheered how happy I was to go to Vegas and then they helped me pack for 7 days In my purple luggage. By the time we were done packing I was ready showered and was ready to see Harry and the boys.

Authors note:

What do you think of my story. Is it good or was it bad?

Write your concerns , comments , tips , or questions on my wall. I will look over it and answer.

😘 with love go and read on!

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