the guy that performed with justin biebber

this guy dreams comes true when he meets and gets to perform with Justin bibber


2. somebody help me

 Justin left James knocked on the door where Luke hid him help anybody in their  he opened the door who did this to you Luke I'm glad I didn't pick him lets go and get you ready for the show oh cool they left Luke was furious. and followed them James arrived at the venue they didn't let Luke in. They had a  rehearsal of the show and to make shore James knew what he was going to do  Luke climbed the wool. And screamed stop I  will  be up their.   he took the microphone and sang into it Justin was not impressed yes ok you can sing Luke but I don't like you attitude Luke attacked Justin security pulled him away and threw him out of the building this isn't the end of me . I will sing with Justin bibber what ever It takes  I don't care how much I have to do he did an  evil lough end of part 2

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