It's in his DNA

Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie find out that they have been dating the same guy.
When they realize it, they make a plan. A very evil plan, and then the guy realizes that he played with the wrong girls..
But all they want is revenge, and they'll surely get that.


6. The plan and goodbye (last chapter)

Perrie's POV:

It was night and we were ready for the plan! me, Jade and Jesy would go to Chase's house to bring him, at this basement where Leigh-Anne would wait for us. 

Jesy and Jade were on their way right now in a car, and I was in my own.

Jesy's car was parked in front of Chase's house, and they were now inside while I was waiting for them to come out.

I had a very bad feeling about this plan, what if Zayn would think bad about me? I didn't want that. 

Jade's POV: 

Jesy was waiting outside for me to return, while I was inside Jake's house. I listed into his room, and saw him sleeping. I had some poison in my pocket, but I wasn't gonna use that yet. I injected him with some drug, so he would become unconscious for a few hours. After I did that, I pulled him all the way to the door, and I must say it wasn't easy! He was so heavy, but I managed to do it.

"Jesy! Help me tie him up!" I told Jesy, and then we started to tie him up.

After that, we brought him to Perrie's car. Finally we would get our revenge. 

Perrie's POV:

The girls brought Chase into my car, tied up. I drove him to the basement where the other girls already were. 

Leigh-Anne was standing with the poison in her hand. 

"Girls, help me get him in!" I told them, and then we were taking him inside.

I noticed something..

"Jesy, did you tie him up tightly?" I asked her.

"Yes, I think so" she answered.

"Girls! He's moving!" Leigh-Anne quickly said, and she was right.

Just one, move and he was out of the ropes.. how did he wake up so quickly?

Chase, went over to Jesy and then he did something horrible..

He tried to choke her.. but she did the same back and succeed.

"Jesy! Did you just kill him?!" Jade yelled.

"I-I think I did" she answered slowly.

And then our hearts stopped.. the police were here. 

"Girls! Who forgot to close the door?!" I asked. 

The officer, also known as Chase's dad was here. He looked down, and saw his son... dead. He looked at us, with anger in his eyes. 

"Who killed my son?!" he screamed.

Before Jesy could answer, Jade did.

"I did" she said.

Jesy looked at Jade, with fear in her eyes.

"No, sir" Jesy started, but Jade continued.

"I killed him, because my anger took over me" she said.

"Ma'am, I need to arrest you" another officer said. 

And then they walked away with my bestfriend.

"What are you girls doing here then?" Chase's dad asked us.

Jade stopped up to talk before we could.

"Sir, they didn't do anything" she answered, I was standing there, not believing her. 

"They actually tried to stop me, but it was too late.. I had already killed him" 

"Take her away" the officer said, and then Jade were gone.. my bestfriend would end up in jail because of ME!

The officers were gone, with Jade and it was just me, Leigh and Jesy back.

"WHY DID SHE DO THAT!!" Jesy yelled, and then she cried. I couldn't believe Jade would do that for us.

"Jesy, it's not your fault. We didn't know Jade would do such a thing" Leigh comforted.

We had just lost our bestfriend..


It was now 2019. Jade got 8 years in jail, and nobody ever found out that we're involved. Only 3 years, and then she would be out!

I got married to Zayn a few years ago, and we are expecting our first child soon. I told him about the whole plan, he got angry first.. but he got over it.

Jesy met a guy named George and they are still together.

Leigh married her boyfriend, Daniel. 

Little Mix broke up after Jade ended in jail, but we never lost our contact.

We were now on our way to visit Jade, but then I got a call from a officer.

I put it on speaker, so we all could hear what the officer had to say.

"Hello, I'm calling to tell you some bad news... it's about Jade" he said.

"What is it?" Leigh said.

"Jade, she's..." He started.

"She's what!?" I yelled, something bad happened to Jade!

"She's dead." 



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