It's in his DNA

Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie find out that they have been dating the same guy.
When they realize it, they make a plan. A very evil plan, and then the guy realizes that he played with the wrong girls..
But all they want is revenge, and they'll surely get that.


4. Let the game begin

Jesy's POV: 

After Leigh-Anne and Jade came back home, it was mine and Perrie's turn. I called Jordan and asked him to meet me at the mall. He agreed to come. 

"Perrie we have to hurry up! He is on his way to the mall now" I said, and then we ran to my car after hugging Leigh and Jade. 

We arrivied at the mall shortly after, and Perrie hurried into a shop to hide. Right after she disappeared, Jordan arrived. 

"Hey Jesy" he said and kissed me.

We walked past the shop Perrie was hiding in, and I saw the pain in her eyes. This idiot, is cheating on all of us. I just want to smash his face, but I have to control my anger for now. 

After walking around for some time, he went home and I found Perrie crying outside the mall. I went over to hug her, and we just sat like that for some time. 

It's time for our plan to begin.

Perrie's POV:

After Jesy left me alone to think, a guy named Zayn came over to talk to me. 

"Hey love, why are you sitting here alone?" he asked.

"It's nothing" I answered, I really wanted to tell him but I just learned his name.

"C'mon, you can tell me" 

I then told him everything about Chase, and how he cheated. 

"I'm really sorry to hear that" he said.

"It's fine"

"Do you want to grab a cup of tea or coffee?" he asked.

"Like a date?" I smiled, he was so sweet to care about me.

"If you want to call it a date, then yes" 

"I would love to" I answered, and then we left together.


When I arrived at my apartment, I saw that the girls were here too. They have a key to my apartment. 

"What have you been doing?" Jade asked me.

I sat down and told them about Zayn.

"That's so cute!!" Leigh-Anne said.

Before I could answer, someone knocked on the door. I went over to open the door, and I was very surprised to see Chase here.

"Um, hey Chase, what are you doing here?" I asked him, and saw the girls surprised too.

I was expecting an answer, but instead he slapped me. 

"You have been cheating on me, with some random guy!!" he yelled, but I also had something to say in this;

"It's actually YOU who has been cheating on me!!" I screamed, and then he hit me really hard. Everything suddenly went black...

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