It's in his DNA

Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Perrie find out that they have been dating the same guy.
When they realize it, they make a plan. A very evil plan, and then the guy realizes that he played with the wrong girls..
But all they want is revenge, and they'll surely get that.


3. It's James

Leigh-Anne's POV:

Right now we were talking about the plan once again, just to make sure everything was right. Jesy's plan was evil, but it was definitely worth it. James had played with me from the start, and he wasn't going to get away with it so easily. We had been staying up all night to talk about our plan. James had to know, what he did was wrong. Why did he cheat on us? It wasn't fair, that's why we are getting revenge. 

"I think it's getting late now. You guys can stay the night here?" Jade suggested.

"Sure, we'll stay" Perrie said.

And then we all went to bed.

Next day, we had to make sure that James was the same person. What if we were wrong? Maybe our boyfriends just looked like each other. We didn't know yet, but we were finding out today.

"Jade, text your 'boyfriend' and tell him to meet you at the park. And Leigh-Anne you will be hiding behind a bush. When Jade are walking past you look closely, at her boyfriend and make sure if it's yours too or not" Jesy said. 

"I just texted him, he is on his way to the park, so Leigh-Anne we better be going now" Jade said, and then we left after saying bye to Jesy and Perrie.

After the car ride we arrived at the park, and right now I was sitting behind a bush while I waited for Jade and her boyfriend.

Then I saw a guy, looking exactly like James talking to Jade. He bent down to kiss Jade on the cheek, and then he held her hand. Now, they were walking towards where I was hiding. 

When they walked past, I knew it was him. That was my James walking with Jade. How could he do that?! 

I didn't know how to feel right now, but I knew for sure that I was angry. I texted Jesy and Perrie and told that it was him. 

Watch out James, your little game will be over soon.

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