Fae Queen

Things are not as they seem in the Fae realm.

Rumor has it that one of the fairies has learn how to lie - something that's never been done before.
And as Queen - Felaine has the duty to find out who - and deal with them.

But that's not all - something more is on the horizon.
And she'll have to fight her way through it if she wants to stay alive.


18. Shine



I followed the group if thirsty of so other fairies up the door, they all presented their tickets and I fluttered my eyelashes.

“Can you let me through, pretty please?” I almost begged tracing invisible patterns over his shirt. 

The big burly fairy leaned down slowly, his large hands clamped over my back and he brought his lips close to my ear whispering softly.

“You come to bed with me when my shift is finished and I’ll give you anything you want”

I fought the urge to cringe at the crass suggestion, but smiled seductively, and agreed to meet him at his post at midnight which was exactly three hours away. Not like I was actually going to be there – but I only decided that after I told him yes (decision making was another way fairies could get around the whole ‘no lying’ thing.)

I made a beeline straight for the food table, picking up a few pastries and other delicate finger food and stood watching the crowd who spoke in small groups with hushed tones.

I slowly made my way over to stand close to a group of three middle-aged fairies.

“Lilly-Anna is the tall blonde one” One of the ladies asserted strongly nodding her chin towards a very human girl sitting on the dais next to Beterm. “She’s the one that wants to ascend” The same woman whispered so low that I almost missed the words.

I took the moment to study the girl that had chosen to ascend. She was petite even for a human and had piercing intelligent green eyes and I wondered how such a smart girl had fallen for Beterm.

I studied her for a few seconds more and finished eating the petite beef pie I had picked up and drowning a glass of champagne offered to me by one of the serving staff.

The music started with a loud bang and Beterm took the floor with one of his human girls, smiling she started up at him with awe before she started concentrating on the steps of the dance but still didn’t have the grace of a fairy. The couples glided onto the floor slowly, as if unsure if this was still an accepted practice and moved in slow rhythmic circles.

I grabbed one of the fairy gentleman who stood on the sidelines and began dancing, I led him right into the centre of the floor and placed his hands on my lower back and rested my hands on either side of his chest.

I smiled as he flirted outrageously, and laughed lightly, making sure to always keep close to Beterm who seemed to enjoy swapping partners every few seconds – kissing every girl that entered his arms but every now and then I could see him peer over the head of the girl he was with, his eyes searching until they came to rest on me.

A large smile lit up his face and he abruptly stopped dancing with young fairy and began to walk towards me.

 For half a second I was deeply afraid.

I asked myself, what if he knew who I was? What if he guessed what I was here to do?

I took a deep breath forcing the thoughts out of my mind as Beterm finally reached me, sweeping my hand to his mouth delicately and winking before pulling me into his arms as the newest song started.

It was Dark Horse by Katy Perry (Even fairies had recent music) and I spun in his arms, my hands rising above our heads before falling around his neck. I arched my back suggestively, leaning my head back into his chest as my body moved to the steady beat.

“Baby do you dare to do this?” I asked making my voice slightly husky in time with the words to the music.

Beterm smiled smugly and his hands found my hips, gripping onto me as I moved, fascinated with the way my slightly larger size made the movements incredibly sexy.  Beterm pulled on the hand, leading me away from the centre of the floor, his eyes guarded as his eyes narrowed, focusing on some unseen threat.

I felt myself searching too, and found that almost every male fairy (and some females) in the room had been intently watching every second of our little dance. I smiled to myself in assurance before I met the eyes of two of the men.

I felt my breath hitch and the urge to run intensified.

Blue hair was the first obvious sign of who I was staring at, the other, his green eyes seemed locked on mine before briefly flicking to the fairy next to him who wore such a pained expression it practically broke my heart.


I wanted to run to him, to check on him, to make sure I wasn’t going entirely bonkers, to make sure that he was still the person I remembered.

But the insistent pull on my hand reminded me of why I couldn’t, of why I was here in the first place.

I smiled a Beterm, looking up at him under my lashes before licking my lips suggestively.

In response to my teasing Beterm started walking faster, talking a round-about route to his room.

He pulled me in before quickly shutting the door, his arms encasing me and his breath heavy against my lips. His eyes sought mine, seeking permission before lowering his lips and devowering my own.

I made a noise in the back of my throat – a sound of disgust – which he took as pleasure in being kissed by the King. One of his arms lowered to rest on my hip, suggestively drawing little circles into my skin.

“You’re Majesty” I breathed when he finally relented, pressing himself more deeply into my body, both of his hands intent on finding the zipper to my dress.

Beterm made a noncommittal noise and I dragged his eyes back up to mine, lifting a corner of my mouth before motioning to the bed which had thus far been ignored.

He seemed to get the hint about that and reluctantly moved away, lying on the bed, with his head propped up by his fist, watching me ever so intently.

I swayed my hips when I walked towards the bed, using my hands and knees to crawl up to finally straddle him, my slightly heavier weight pinning him down effortlessly.

I lowered my head and began to kiss his neck, suckling ever so slightly so as to not leave any mark.

I used my hands to slide down to the secret pocket of my dress, gripping the handle of the knife and sliding it out easily before bringing it up and holding it under Beterm’s throat.

It took him a moment to realise what was happening, but once he did, his eyes turned furious and I suddenly wondered if either of us was getting out of here alive.

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