Fae Queen

Things are not as they seem in the Fae realm.

Rumor has it that one of the fairies has learn how to lie - something that's never been done before.
And as Queen - Felaine has the duty to find out who - and deal with them.

But that's not all - something more is on the horizon.
And she'll have to fight her way through it if she wants to stay alive.


14. Promises



I ran – that’s all I could think about doing.

I ran pushing my feet to the ground forcing myself to go faster and faster until the whole world seemed like a blur.

I stopped in front of the house. And stared at it, it was the same Victorian style but now things were different – I had broken my promise to take care of Aarorn and Giselle could literally kill me for it.  But right now, I had no idea what kind of reception Giselle would give me, but I know if I was in her shoes – I would probably kill me.

I tried to calm my breathing but found it increasingly difficult to breathe so I stopped trying and simply banged on the door.

I think the second Giselle saw me she knew something was wrong – I could see my face reflected back at me from her hard eyes, I could see the fear, the pain and then I saw it mirrored in her face as well.

“Giselle” I heaved as if I was someone who was incredibly unfit.

Giselle growled in response and I could tell she was warring with simply slamming the door in my face or accepting the news we both knew I was here to bring. But closing the door wouldn’t make what I had to say less real, it would just make her guilty of negligence and ignorance.

“Where is my son Felaine?” Giselle spoke through gritted teeth and her eyes searched the ground behind me, but we both knew he wasn’t coming.

“Beterm.” The word escaped my lips and I saw and felt the cringe that changed Giselle’s face into a grimace. I handed over the letter, reading the words with her and watching as her face hardened.

Giselle growled low in her throat and I resisted the urge to back away.

“What have you done you stupid girl?” Giselle scream at me, waving the piece of paper in front of my eyes. “Do you have any idea what they are doing to him right now?” She asked, and the image from my dream came to surface in my mind.

I shook my head trying to erase the image from my mind and Giselle snorted.

“They are killing him, maybe not yet, but slowly over time he will disappear and he will never be my son again. Never be the same fairy. Do you understand that?” Giselle was back to yelling at me, and I was relieved – the yelling I could handle.

“Get out of my sight before I do something I’ll regret.” Giselle threatened and I knew she was very serious.

“I want to help. I have to help. I know the palace, I can break him out.” I insisted firmly standing my ground.

Giselle sneered. “Help?” He gave a chuckle that sent shivers up my spine. “You’ve done more than enough to ‘help’ your Majesty.”

“Please Giselle. Let me do something.”

I think something in my voice broke her for a second because her face softened as she assessed my face.

“Get me a map of the palace – that’s all you can do now. And I would suggest praying that my son can be returned to me before he is beyond repair.”

I nodded slowly and backed away – I had a map in my backpack that I had almost forgotten was there until this moment.

“I’ll be back within the hour.”

Giselle simply nodded and closed the door – but I could hear her tears, I could almost feel the sorrow pouring from her heart.

Not only had she lost her husband to Beterm, she had surely lost her son as well.

I didn’t run back to my cave – I didn’t have the energy. I was too emotionally drained to really concentrate on anything in particular.

I stopped a few times, trying to work up the energy to run – but my body had nothing left to give. I felt so exhausted, and my mind was sluggish beyond compare.

I found myself missing Aarorn and worrying about him profusely.

How could I hope to take care of a kingdom of Fairies when I couldn’t even take care of one?

I made my way finally to my cave and sighed in relief – for a while there I thought I was going in the wrong direction. I was so disorientated.

I entered the cave and took a deep breath before pouring out the contents of my backpack to find the neatly folded map of the Kingdom, and on the other side a detailed map of the castle the last Queen had given me so I could always know where I was in the castle without having to ask for help.

“Ok, back to Giselle’s” I spoke aloud to myself before clamping my mouth shut – wasn’t it a sign of madness to talk to oneself?

I stuffed the piece of paper into the hidden pocket of my dress and steeled myself for the journey.

I entered the woods revelling in the silence of this world. It wasn’t often that I got to have some peace and quiet in my life – so in every moment like this I preferred to stop and listen to enjoy the one still moment of life.

I almost didn’t stop this time, but the silence was so encompassing – not even the sound of birds fluttering in the trees, nor where there any animals eagerly making their way to water or food. The silence was so encompassing, it was as if the whole forest had fallen silent knowing I was near.

I took a deep breath – and that was when I realized.

The silence wasn’t natural – it was forced.

The smell in the air was smoke.

The forest was on fire.

Now that I knew this I could see the smoke rising from a few hundred metres away. It seemed to me as if there were three fires – one to the north, one to the east, and one to the south.

That only left me with one way to go to; west.

My body instantly entered fight or flight mode (and that was literal flight) and my wings burst from my back fluttering nervously helping me build speed as I ran following the faint trail until the smoke became too thick and I simply had to wind my way through the forest blind.

I don’t know how long I ran that way for, but I felt when the ground underneath my feet changed to grass instead of gravel. I kept running though, sensing I was still in danger. That’s when I ran into something that wasn’t a tree.






I just want to warn you guys - be prepared for whats coming. It's going to be painful.

I am seriously evil ^_^


Anyway, enjoy the little cliffhanger until tomorrow when I will hopefully update

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