Fae Queen

Things are not as they seem in the Fae realm.

Rumor has it that one of the fairies has learn how to lie - something that's never been done before.
And as Queen - Felaine has the duty to find out who - and deal with them.

But that's not all - something more is on the horizon.
And she'll have to fight her way through it if she wants to stay alive.


8. Party



I held onto my mask like it was a lifeline. Most of the fairies had theirs lowered by their sides, but I kept mine firmly on. It gave me a small chance to feel invisible.

Most of the Fair Folk had stolen some part of my outfit – whether it was the colour, the hair style, even the basic design, once or twice I even saw replica’s of my jewellery. But none of them had all of what I had.  That’s how you could tell who I was, if you looked close enough, everyone else’s look was based off of mine.

The large banquet hall was rarely used except for parties. For tonight, Dantor had recreated an old fashioned ball. A sparkling chandelier hung from the ceiling throwing little bits of lights over the room. Red roses where planted in white vases over the tables, and food covered almost a whole wall. Servers dressed in their customary black tux and red tie wove their way through the crowd offering different types of drinks and sometimes even snacks.

The music started slow and sensual, and all the talking suddenly stopped. Every fairy searched the crowd for me – the first dance was always reserved for the Queen or King. I almost forgot this when the music started – slowly building to begin playing one of my favourite songs. A hand gripped mine steadily and led me to the centre of the floor.

I smiled and opened my eyes, not surprised to see Dantor looking charming in a black tux, with a top hat sitting over his blue hair. A small gasp of shock escaped my lips and I resisted the urge to kiss him right there and then. Dantor wasn’t usually one for public displays of affection.

I put one hand in his, the other resting lightly on his shoulder and I let him take the lead. Spinning me around the large circle that had formed. All the fairies that could be here where – and they were watching me, seeing the joy on my face and the smile that crossed my lips.

This encouraged them to join in. At first it was slow; the most dedicated of couples (who had been together centuries) made their way into the circle and started their own little dance. It seemed almost all at once that people surrounded us. Some of them danced with their lovers, others danced with whoever they could find.

Parties where the one night where all grudges could be cured with a dance and all lovers could spend the night with each other.

Unfortunately I didn’t have that opportunity. As the Queen, I had to dance with more than just one person all night.

I slipped into a routine of dancing. Dantor stole more than half of them, making sure to always stay close to me even when one of the other men danced with me.

Aarorn, the young man who had a very kind mind also showed up to dance with me. After seeing into his mind I couldn’t be mad at him and had let him off of his punishment. He was such a kind and sincere fairy. Young in terms of how long he had existed – but in fact he was a year older than me in that regard.

He didn’t hold me close like Dantor did, and for that I was glad – the young boy was cute and charming and very, very sweet.

When Dantor claimed my arms again, I could see the look of envy in his eyes, and he pulled me even closer, kissing me deeply and passionately to show that he claimed me. I was his.

The fact that Dantor got jealous had me on cloud nine.

After one more dance with Dantor he finally allowed me to escape to eat.

Instead of gorging myself like I wanted to, I picked up a small cupcake as well as a dainty bowl of soup. I sighed in content when I realized that I had a chocolate cupcake and chicken soup. Both some of my favourite type of food. I sipped at my soup, the warmness filling my belly and giving my store of energy quite a boost.

I quickly returned to dancing. With Dantor, and some fairy man I didn’t even know. I quickly changed partners, picking one of the very young girls to dance with. It must have been one of her first parties because she was standing to the side watching with awe painted on her face.  

She was so shocked when I asked her to dance she almost fainted right there and then.

I grabbed her arms and dragged her onto the floor, laughing when she glanced around nervously. I skipped around in a small circle with her, not caring if it wasn’t exactly dancing.

The girl, Morigan was her name, soon joined in easily especially after I pushed her in the direction of Aarorn. He was sweet and kind and would take care of her for the rest of the night.

I found comfort in Dantor’s arms again, but instead of doing the extravagant dance we did earlier we simply held onto one another. My arms locked around his neck, his around my waist pulling me closing until there was no room between us. We moved around in slow steps, just enjoying the company of each other.

And then Beterm tapped Dantor on the shoulder and asked to cut in. Of course he couldn’t disagree, though the look on his face in that moment said he surely wished he could.

I made sure to keep an appropriate arms length away from Beterm, and he didn’t seem to mind. But using his strength to pull me closer until we where a hairs width away from one another. After all this time my body still reacted to Beterm’s and I wished it didn’t. I relaxed slightly and sighed, breathing him in just as I did when I was human.

Beterm chucked and I could practically feel the way his chest rose and fell with the movement.

“Ah, Felaine, you look exquisite.” Beterm said in a hushed voice and I could feel the blush rising to my cheeks.

How dare he still affect me like this?

“As do you Beterm.” I smiled sweetly.

Beterm had discarded his tuxedo jacket almost an hour ago, and instead walked around in a long sleeved white shirt – but he had rolled the sleeves up just above his elbows. He had styles his hair to look dishevelled but still neat. He was, in his own way, slightly attractive.

Beterm pulled me even closer, flattening me against his body and he lowered his head to whisper in my ear.

“Will you meet me tonight in the throne room?” His voice broke on the last word, forming a question. I could barely comprehend the words but I nodded nonetheless.

I half-heartedly made my way through the rest of the party, dancing with Dantor wasn’t quite the same and I had a feeling he knew there was something going on with me – but he wasn’t one to question me. I tried not to sound overly anxious when I showed the last guest out of the palace and practically ran to the throne room.

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