Fae Queen

Things are not as they seem in the Fae realm.

Rumor has it that one of the fairies has learn how to lie - something that's never been done before.
And as Queen - Felaine has the duty to find out who - and deal with them.

But that's not all - something more is on the horizon.
And she'll have to fight her way through it if she wants to stay alive.


5. Interrogation



 When everything was finished, I sighed, cuddling up to Dantor’s body, almost laughing when I peered up from beneath my lashes at him. Dantor was an extreme example of contrasts. His body was tan and absolutely gorgeous; his hair was startling blue (His wings matched the colour perfectly) and his eyes where green and radiated the warmth of a lush field in spring.

I sat up slowly, feeling his eyes follow my every move while I shrugged the sheets up with me. Dantor never really understood the human need for modesty, but he respected that my upbringing allowed for slightly different expectations.

I sighed contently, closing my eyes for the briefest of seconds, curling my hands through his.

“How long did my record last?” I mumbled quietly, wondering about how long it was between my last tantrum and the latest one.

“Almost a month this time.” Dantor smiled slightly and I punched him lightly – even though I was just a little proud of myself.

“What made you snap?” Dantor asked, playing with my hair as he too righted himself into a sitting position that perfectly mirrored my own.

“Beterm came to see me.” I made a face and Dantor agreed with a similar one.

“Oh, joy.” The sarcasm in his voice was palpable and I had to stop myself from sniggering.

“Yeah, did you know we’re apparently having a baby?” I asked, fully cracking up at the face he made before stopping to reassure him that nothing of the sort had happened.

“What else?” Dantor scrutinized me and I felt a pang – he knew me so well it was kind of scary at times.

“Apparently a solitary Fae has learned how to lie.” I tried to keep my voice doubtful – this type of rumour usually occurred every few years, they were never true but the implications where beyond immeasurable.

Dantor’s face hardened and I instantly felt sorry for telling him, and made it my mission to bring him back to the present with me instead of the future where I knew he was planning to seek out whether the rumour was true or false by whatever means necessary.

I kissed him along his collarbone a sure fire way to bring him from the future to the present very quickly.

Things are very different in the Fairy realm with relationships. We are a people of the passions, and love and hate are emotions that run as strong as blood in us. Most of my kind has several lovers and almost as many old grudges going on at the same time.

That’s more of less the reason why our rulers where chosen from the human populace – everyone hated everyone else and that meant purely Fae rulers didn’t live very long.

For me though, I was content for now with just one – Dantor.

“Dantor” I mumbled against his chest, the fluttering of my heart and his loud in the otherwise silent room.

“Yes Felaine?” I smiled as he finally remembered to call me my proper name.

“I’ll have to interrogate them.” Dantor sighed, his thumb rubbing small circles on my back, making me feel more at ease.

“Yes my Queen.” Dantor was somewhat overprotective; he hated the idea of being in any type of discomfort.

And well, interrogations made me very uncomfortable. It involved me diving into their memories, finding a piece of information that the fairy would want to deny – but unless they could lie, they would have to admit to whatever it was that I had found.

Usually it was something from their early days – or even when they had taken human lovers.

That part always made me flinch.

“Will you start with me like usual?” He asked and I nodded sadly, moving to face him and place a feather light touch on his temple.

I didn’t need contact to see a humans mind, but with Fairies their memories where so long, it was much easier to sieve through them on my own rather than make them do it themselves.

I closed my eyes, finding my way through Dantor’s mind was easy – he had allowed me to do this many a time when we had first started courting each other – just so I would know he was safe.

I found the most impressive memory – his time with a faceless human girl I had always known about, and then I let go of his head immediately. I hated destroying his privacy, but dark times called for dark practices.

“Dantor, did you seduce a human girl by the name of Ivy?” I knew her name, even though he did not remember it himself; to him that was inconsequential.

“Yes my Queen.” Dantor looked steadily at me while he spoke the three words, not even flinching or looking disgusted.

This was another reason I had chosen Dantor – because, despite my position amongst the Fae, I was still part human, and for most fairies that aspect was particularly disgusting. To them, it was like degrading yourself – it was beneath a fairy to bed a human. It was only slightly less degrading to be bedded by the Queen of the fairies.

I nodded silently and curdled myself into a tight ball, hugging my knees close to my chest.

“I will begin at dawn.” I muttered slowly, aware that Dantor could have heard me from across the room if he so desired.

“Yes my Queen” Dantor paused and smiled suddenly. “I’ll make sure Beterm is first on the list.”

With that, he had me dissolving in giggles.

This is why I had chosen Dantor to be my mate – he knew me, not just my schedule or my needs, but he understood my personality and how I ticked, and that made him more valuable to me than the money I had given to Peter.  

I closed my eyes again, smiling to myself.

But, with my optimism came a healthy dose of doubt – these days couldn’t last forever, I could feel it, something in me was warning me that things where coming apart and would be ruined before I truly understood how or why. It was a disturbing thought, but it was one that kept me up until the sun peeked in the horizon ready to break.






New Movella!

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So, in the next chapter we get to learn a LOT about Beterm and Felaine and their history together.

Does she owe him for making her a fairy? Did he do more than simply kiss Elaine?

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