Fae Queen

Things are not as they seem in the Fae realm.

Rumor has it that one of the fairies has learn how to lie - something that's never been done before.
And as Queen - Felaine has the duty to find out who - and deal with them.

But that's not all - something more is on the horizon.
And she'll have to fight her way through it if she wants to stay alive.


15. Death



“Oh” I gasped in surprised, trying to take a step back before the fingers tightened around my arm digging into the skin there.

In the second that it took me to realize this, I looked up – into the mocking eyes of Beterm.

“Felaine.” Beterm almost purred and I resisted the urge to shrink away from the tone of his voice.

One of his arms quickly encompassed my whole body, pulling me in so that my head rested right above his heart. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply trying to clear the smoke from my lungs and failing miserably.

“I’m sorry if the fire frightened you, I just couldn’t see another way.” Beterm whispered against my hair and my brain slowly clicked together what he was saying.

Beterm had set fire to the forest to capture me.

As soon as my snail-like brain realized this I jumped out of Beterm’s embrace snarling unattractively. Beterm smiled and tilted his head to the side as if wondering what I was doing so far away from him.

“I’ll give you one chance Felaine.” Beterm warned as his face hardened and his hands searched for something in his back pocket that I couldn’t see.

“To do what?” I asked innocently enough making my eyes wide and questioning.

Beterm smiled again, gliding the distance between us and pressing me against his body before I had even registered the fact he had moved Beterm lowered his head to rest against mine before planting his lips on mine harshly but passionately.

After a few seconds Beterm stepped away licking his lips his eyes showing a mysterious glint. “Be mine?” He asked seriously, and underneath it all I wondered if he had any idea that I would refuse him.

“Or else what?” I asked cautiously guarding my eyes.

Beterm finally revealed what had been hiding in his back pocket and I felt my eyes widen in shock and saw his amused expression.

“Or else I kill you.”

It was a simple statement, five words that meant nothing on their own – but together; they would literally end my life.

“Oh.” I replied simply and urged my brain to think faster, urged myself to find a way out of the mess I had got into.

Beterm saw my frightened expression – he must have known from experience what I was thinking. At least two of his victims had refused him before and he had obviously made life so impossibly difficult for them I couldn’t even imagine the fate he had in store for me.

Beterm lunged and I slid out of the way just in time turning on myself so that I could watch his movements. Beterm swapped the knife into his other hand and watched me for a few seconds before stepping to the side tilting his head as I followed his movements with my eyes more than my body.

The former Queen had seen fit enough to give me 6 months hand-to-hand combat training. Which I didn’t think much of at the time, but at least now I could see the advantages.

Beterm lunged quickly into my blind spot to my left quickly grabbing a fistful of my hair and pulling backwards until I finally exposed my throat. I yanked my head forward while throwing my foot back hoping to hit him in an extremely sensitive spot – but it seemed I was only slightly off and instead hit him in the side of the leg – with enough force to give him a bit of a limp.

I was kind of proud of myself in that moment and I mentally gave myself a Hi-5 and promising to get more lessons if I survived this.

Beterm growled and I whipped in a semi circle but not quick enough.

He sliced the top of my left wing – leaving a peace hanging in the wind. The pain was absolutely indescribable and I forced myself to remain calm.

To attack someone’s wings meant a pure and unfathomable hatred for that person. Our wings where so fragile that even the slightest damage would mean permanent removal.

And our wings never grew back.

I used my internal pain system to figure out how bad the damage was – and then I wished I hadn’t. It was bad. Very, very bad.  

I growled low in my throat, a warning to Beterm that he was in dangerous territory and I wasn’t prepared to go quietly. Beterm smiled and leaned slightly to the left assessing the damage he had done to the wing – and I saw it in his eyes – he thought he had won in that moment.

I sprung towards him before quickly changing direction and landing to his left, Beterm didn’t even have enough time to turn around before I kicked him in his lower back, sending him sprawling onto the dirt before he jumped up; a new appreciation shining in his eyes as he stood propped on one leg.

I took a deep breath trying to centre myself when I realized; there was no point in running away – Beterm was simply going to chase me and eventually he would catch me when I was least prepared.

Better to do this, when I at least had a chance of fighting back I thought bleakly.

I tightened my hands into fists and planted my feet at hip-width apart from one another. I stared at Beterm calculating what his next movement would be – when he did something I never would have expected.

Beterm ran from me.

I furrowed my brows and stepped forward slowly until I was a few metres into the small area I’m sure Beterm had set up for this exact moment. I turned in a slow circle trying to make my ears more potent so that I could hear if he was coming back, but my ears where useless in comparison to a fairies feather light steps on the ground.

So, that was why, when Beterm re-entered the clearing I had no idea he was there until he in front of me, holding me tightly as the knife he had held entered deep into my stomach before the pressure was gone – and all that I noticed was the blood staining my dress and the pressure of lips on my forehead as I was laid to the ground carefully.

And then, I died.

Or at least, I hopped I was dead.






Do you guys hate me yet?

I do >.<

Like, ouch, that must have hurt.

But don't worry - she isn't dead and someone unexpected saved her.

Find out more tomorrow.

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